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Eric Heinbockel

Eric Heinbockel is one of the founders of Chocomize. Eric is a native of New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon and most recently New Jersey. Eric graduated from Columbia University in 2008 with a B.A. in Political Science. Eric’s studies were focused on International Relations with special interest in the foreign and domestic politics of China and the Post Soviet States. In addition to his Political Science coursework Eric also has a background in Accounting and Economics. During his time at Columbia Eric was a member of the Varsity Lightweight Rowing Team. Eric’s work experience prior to starting Chocomize has mostly focused on sales, with internships at a software company and structured finance firm. Eric enjoys Opera, Rainbow Six Las Vegas for xBox and most of all Chocomize Chocolate! If you have ordered from Chocomize you more than likely received a loving, hand written note from Eric! If you have any questions or comments about Chocomize you can reach Eric via email-



Get to Know the Chocomize Team

Meet the founders- Many of you have gotten a chance in these last few weeks to know and love This week our blog will focus on telling you a little bit about each of our founders so you can learn to know and love them as well! These blogs will let you see the people behind the scenes. The guys who not only came up with this great concept but also work hard to make your delicious chocolate!

Holiday Newsletter

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Dear Chocomize Fans,

As the holiday season approaches, we thought we would give you an update about everything going on at Chocomize, as well as tell you about some great gift ideas.


Our website was successfully launched last month to huge success and fanfare. We want to thank everyone who wrote to us with suggestions about updating and changing the website. Our number one goal is to make the Chocomize website both easy and enjoyable to use. Keep sending us e-mails about what you like and don’t like about the site, and how we might improve it. We have had a lot of positive feedback so far but we are always looking for ways to improve.

We’ve also finished adding the charity portion of our website. Customers can now donate to the charity of their choice. It is important, especially so during the holiday season, that people give back to the community and elsewhere. In this spirit, in addition to donating part of our sales to charity, we have participated in other socially conscious projects. We recently heard about a program that was sending chocolate to troops in Afghanistan. We immediately decided to participate and we are happy to report that we sent a lot of chocolate overseas! To find out more about this charity, check out our blog on our website. If you hear about any other ideas, or think of a way to give back on your own, we would love to get involved. Send us a message at

The holidays are a great time to relax and spend time with family and loved ones. If your holidays are anything like ours at Chocomize, however, they can also be hectic and stressful. We at Chocomize think we can make your lives a little better this holiday season. Not only are our custom chocolate bars fantastic gifts, but they are also extremely affordable. Skip the long lines and the hassle of driving all over town. Chocomize bars are a unique gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. We offer great customer service and fast turnaround to make sure you get your chocolate in time for Christmas. We do recommend, however, that you give yourself at least five days prior to Christmas as it is one of our busiest times of the year. In addition, we are offering a special holiday discount for all our Chocomize fans. Simply type “holiday2009” in the coupon section of our checkout and receive a 10% discount off your next order.

One of our most popular holiday gifts has been the Chocomize “Chocolate of the Month Club”. The recipient receives four different chocolate bars every month for, 3, 6, or 12 months. It is a great way to try new and delicious combinations of ingredients, and is literally the gift that keeps on giving. In addition, customers can save up to 25% off the regular price!Our custom chocolate bars have also been really popular as corporate gifts this holiday season. They are a great way to thank clients or reward employees for a job well done. To find out more about our custom packaging and design options, check out the bulk order section of our website or send us an e-mail at

If you are looking to give the perfect custom chocolate bar, we have some great options. Check out our Christmas tree decorations. They are sure to put even the biggest scrooge into the Christmas spirit! In addition, our rose petals, mint leaves, violet petals, 23 karat gold, and chocolate butterflies make every custom chocolate bar really stand out (not to mention taste great.) If you are looking to give a fun present, check out our bacon, cayenne pepper, and sea salt ingredients that have proved to be highly popular. For those out of ideas, check out our favorites section that has a list of our most popular Chocomize bars. We will also soon be offering gift certificates, so keep checking our website for the latest news.

We love hearing all your comments. Whether they are about new ingredients, suggestions for the site, or just how great your custom chocolate bar tasted, we get excited every time we get a new e-mail in our inbox. Keep them coming! In addition, if you did not receive our newsletter and would like a copy, just send us an e-mail letting us know you’d like to be added to the newsletter list and we’ll send you one right away.

Happy Holidays,

Your Chocomize Team

Ingredient of the Week: Coffee

Our ingredient of the week is coffee! Right now we offer whole Arabica beans by eight o’clock coffee, one of the most popular coffee producers in the world. Like all our other ingredients, we guarantee that our coffee beans are fresh and of the highest quality.

coffee beans in chocolate

Chocolate covered coffee beans have been a popular snack for a long time. Now, however, you can enjoy them in your custom chocolate bar as well! We’ve been getting a lot of requests to add coffee to our list of ingredients, and we’re proud to be able to add Arabica beans to our list. Thanks for those who’ve written in and requested them.

Not only do chocolate and coffee taste great together, but they make for a great pick-me-up. A lot of the customers who’ve been requesting coffee for their custom chocolate bars are college students looking for a delicious snack to help them stay alert in their studies. As holiday season approaches, however, it’s not just students who might need something to give them a little boost of energy. If you’re looking for a custom chocolate bar that will give you a boost, we recommend you try dark chocolate with coffee and honey roasted soybeans. Take it from us, this delicious custom chocolate bar tastes great (it’s one of our favorites at Chocomize) and packs a helpful punch to get you through the day.

Right now we only offer one type of coffee bean, Arabica. The Arabica bean is indigenous to Yemen, and is thought to be the oldest cultivated coffee bean in the world (estimates range to up to 1,000 years old). The first written record of coffee was from Arab scholars who wrote that coffee was useful in keeping them awake in their studies. A thousand years later, things have not changed that much. Coffee is still used to help scholars pull those all night study sessions, and we here at Chocomize are proud to say that we love eating our custom chocolate bars with coffee to keep us attentive when making your chocolate!

We plan on expanding our coffee ingredients to not only different types of coffee beans, but also to ground coffee as well. As always, we are looking for suggestions of the type of coffee bean you want. Everyone has their favorite type of coffee that gets them going in the morning, and if you want to see your beloved coffee bean listed on our website, be sure to send us a message.

Again thanks for everyone who wrote in this week suggesting ingredients for the ingredient of the week. If you have a favorite ingredient that you want in your custom chocolate bar, be sure to write us. We’ll definitely add it to the list of options, and you might be lucky enough to see your ingredient listed on our blog!

Weekend Bars

It’s finally Friday and the weekend is upon us. Luckily for you chocolate lovers, we here at Chocomize work all weekend so even if you order tonight or over the weekend, your order will still get shipped out! For those of you looking for a bar to go with some of your weekend activities, we came up with a few ideas:

Date Bar: Nothing is more romantic then a dark chocolate bar with rose petals, chocolate butterflies, edible gold, and violet petals. Not only does it look great, but did we mention that chocolate is an aphrodisiac? Just another reason to order some custom chocolate bars for your next date!

Movie Bar: If you’re anything like us, then you love eating snacks at the movies. We can never decide, however, between getting a healthy snack, like some sort of nut, or just going straight for the candy. Luckily at Chocomize, you can design a custom chocolate bar that gives you the best of both worlds! Try a milk chocolate bar with gummi bears, sour patch kids, roasted soybeans, and butter toasted peanuts. We can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy the movie, but we know you’ll love this custom chocolate bar.

Daredevil Bar: We know that a lot of our fans and readers love to be a little adventurous on the weekend. Whether it’s rock climbing, mountain biking, or some other adrenaline filled activity, we have the perfect bar that will fit your wild side. Try something new with dark chocolate, cayenne pepper, bacon, and wasabi peas. Although some of these ingredients might sound a little strange in chocolate, they have proved to be really popular with those who’ve been brave enough to try them. So if you’re feeling a little adventurous this weekend, checkout our daredevil bar!

Workout Bar: Sometimes if it has been a long and tough week, you might not have been able to get as many workouts in as you would have liked. The weekend is the perfect time to catch up and we’ve got the perfect bar for after that long workout. Try dark chocolate, flax seeds, peanuts and blueberries. We’re sure that it will give you a little boost to get you going!

We here at Chocomize wish everyone a great weekend and hope that you’ll pick up one of our weekend favorites for your next weekend activity!