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Ingredient of the week: Message Hearts

message_heartsAs Chocomize begins to gear up for Valentine’s Day, we are constantly adding new ingredients that fit with the holiday. Over the next couple of weeks, the ingredient of the week will be something related to Valentine’s Day and will be found in the new Valentine’s Day section (check out our creation station if you aren’t sure what we’re talking about.) This week’s featured ingredient is the always popular sweetheart message hearts!


For those of you who don’t know (which we’re pretty sure is impossible) message hearts are a delicious sugar candy made into the shape of a heart. So what do they say? Well these hearts have a bunch of different short messages, all related to something romantic. Personally, my favorite message is ‘lets kiss’, but Fabian was looking pretty sad this morning so I made him a small chocolate bar and placed a heart that said ‘sun shine’ on it. That cheered him up (although it could have just been the delicious chocolate.) No matter what message you end up getting (we try to get them all on your bar) these message hearts really make that custom chocolate bar a great Valentine’s Day gift. So instead of just giving someone a boring ol’ box of hearts, make sure you give them a Chocomize bar, the perfect custom chocolate bar (hmm maybe we should trademark that?)

Chocomize on 6ABC Morning Show Philadelphia

If you’ve been checking out our press page, you‘ll have noticed all the fantastic reviews we’ve been getting. We think our chocolate is the best out there, but we understand if you don’t want to take our word for it. We recommend you read some of the reviews we’ve gotten (we think they’ll do a good job convincing you that our chocolate is awesome.)


In addition to the great reviews we’ve been getting lately, we are excited to announce that we will be appearing on a TV show right before Valentine’s Day! 6ABC action news heard about our company and thought that it would be a perfect story for Valentine’s Day (we totally agree) and they dropped by our facility to film us making chocolate. We made some pretty great bars for them, some with edible images of the 6ABC logo, others with some of our special Valentine’s Day ingredients. Speaking of Valentine’s Day ingredients, we have a special shipment coming from Europe which we are going to post soon, and we also just added the always favorite message hearts!The picture to the left is a show of the 6ABC Action News van.


So for everyone in the Philadelphia area, we will be on the 6ABC morning show around 6a.m. on the 9th of February. For all those Chocomize fans who are not in the Philadelphia area, we will post the video as soon as possible. Get excited to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Chocomize!




Custom images for your chocolate bar

Chocomize is excited to introduce a new way to customize your chocolate bar!


For those of you who don’t already know, the idea of Chocomize is that you can custom design your own  custom chocolate bar. Originally, that meant you could choose from three different types of chocolates, white, milk , or dark, and around 75 different ingredients. As we have grown and progressed, however, we’ve increased our ability for you to customize your chocolate bar.


Tcustom_labelhe most obvious way we’ve improved the ability to customize your chocolate bar is by adding ingredients that YOU have requested. We started with around 75 different ingredients, right now we have close to a hundred! We could not have done that without input from people who just wanted to have what they thought was the perfect ingredient for their chocolate bar. We are ashamed that we never put some ingredients on our website from the beginning (graham crackers and caramel come to mind), others weren’t so obvious (think bacon, sea salt, cayenne pepper), but have proved to be extremely popular. We want, and we are glad to have, ingredients that people think are high quality and delicious, so keep on suggesting!


Pretty soon after we launched, we started letting people customize the packaging for their chocolate bar. This option was really popular for bigger orders such as weddings, corporate gifts, or any other kind of special occasion. Customers can send us what they want on their packaging, such as pictures, messages, etc., and we create a label to cover the packaging. This really makes Chocomize a great option for any occasion.


We are proud to offer our newest way for people to customize their chocolate bar: being able to print images and messages on the chocolate itself! This might be the coolest way to create that perfect custom chocolate bar. Whether it is a picture, slogan, company logo, or really anything you can think of, we’ll put it on the chocolate bar. And don’t worry, it’s completely edible (we would never put anything in chocolate that wasn’t.) Check out this sweet image (yeah pun intended) of a chocolate bar we made.


So if you want to know how to add an image to your chocolate bar, or design labels for your packaging, or if you have a great new ingredient, make sure that you let us know at Remember, the possibilities are literally endless!

Ingredient of the week: Graham Cracker

It’s that time of the week again. We’ve had a lot of great recommendations recently, but our favorite has been the request for graham crackers. We tried them in our chocolate and we added both regular graham crackers and teddy graham crackers!


graham_crackersgraham_teddies We aren’t sure why we didn’t think of this before. It seems so obvious, especially when we’ve been eating snacks like smores all our life.And that brings me to some more additions we’ve made to the website.







We’ve added a smores bar to the favorites section. Milk chocolate, marshmallows, and teddy graham crackers, it might be the best bar we’ve ever made.

Although the chocolate doesn’t come pre-melted (at least we hope it doesn’t) it will definitely remind you of all those times you sat by the campfire melting marshmallows. The good thing about this bar is that it isn’t as messy as eating a real smore (we saw Eric eating a smore once, we’re pretty sure most of it ended up on his face instead of his mouth.)












Thanks for all the weeks suggestions! If you have anymore, don’t hesitate to let us know at

Secret photo shoot at Chocomize

We recently had a photo shoot at our office. Chocomize is going to be featured prominently in one of the biggest magazines in the country (in terms of circulation.) While we are keeping the publication secret until it hits stands, we are interested to see if anyone can guess which magazine it is. The person who correctly guesses which magazine we will be featured in will win two FREE custom chocolate bars of their choice. Below is a photo of one of the photographers setting up his equipment. Good luck guessing!