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The Blizzard at Chocomize

eric_snowAs we mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been hit with a lot of snow lately. Last weekend we got around 27 inches and yesterday we received around 18 inches of snow. Four feet of snow in less than a week is a lot. This made for quite an adventure down at the chocolate factory (it’s not really a factory but we’ve read and watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory too much.)


Wednesday morning we were all on tenterhooks. We were alerted that the post office was going to close early because of the blizzard. As a result, we had a few precious hours to finish making the chocolate, pack it in the shipping boxes, and then give it to the USPS to be mailed out. We knew that if this storm was going to be anything like last weekend, we might get trapped inside our facility if we waited too long!


We wasted no time and quickly got to work. Although we were excited about the tremendous amount of orders that had come in the previous night, we were worried about the impending blizzard. As we started making the chocolate bars, the snow slowly began to fall. Eric took a quick break and peeked out the window. He came back looking a little stressed. He yelled to everyone working “it’s starting to pick up out there; hopefully we’ll make it in time!”


We had put a disclaimer on the website saying that everyone had to order by Wednesday morning if they wanted to get their chocolate by Valentine’s Day. We realized that people love to leave things for the last minute because as fast as me made the bars, the orders were coming in faster.


With two hours to go before our deadline, the snow really started to come down. At the same time, we got word that there was not going to be anyone plowing for that day. Leaving the orders unfinished was not an option. We couldn’t imagine facing the wrath of our customers if their boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t receive their custom chocolate bars in time. We decided we would stay until everything was finished, even if that meant we would get snowed in and have to spend the night at the chocolate factory!


For all our readers who aren’t in the mid-Atlantic region and did not experience the snow storm, you should know that the snow wasn’t the lightsnowfluffy kind. It was the heavy, wet, sticky snow that made it almost impossible to drive on or shovel away. With one hour to go and the snow really coming down fast, Fabian gave up all hope and started joking that being trapped wouldn’t be so bad, we would have all the chocolate we could ever want.


When we finished making all the chocolate bars, we had one more hurdle to leap: pack them up and send them to the post office. By this time, however, several inches of snow had fallen. We weren’t sure whether USPS would brave the conditions and come and pick up all our packages (too many for us to carry to the post office.) Luckily for everyone, however, they arrived just as we finished taping up the last box!


We quickly locked up our factory, shoveled the snow off our cars, and drove home. We had survived the Valentine Day rush and the massive blizzard! Fabian called a couple hours later and remarked that he did not see a single car on the road during the drive back home.


Hope everyone enjoys their custom chocolate bars. If you forgot to order in time, don’t forget about our e-gift certificates which make great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine's Day Gift Certificates

gift_certificateChocomize is SOLD OUT for Valentine’s Day! Thanks to all our fans who ordered custom chocolate bars. The last couple days have been a race against the clock. Not only have we been getting nonstop orders which we had to have sent out by noon today, we got word of an impending blizzard. This morning, as we were making the last of the chocolate bars, the snow started to fall and we were in a race against time and weather. Luckily we managed to get all the chocolate bars out in time, and we can’t wait to hear the response from you guys!


If you weren’t able to order in time, fear not. You can always give someone an e-gift certificate. Check out our chocolate of the month club or our gift certificate page to make sure that you are still giving the gift of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Thanks again to all our fans.

Chocomize on 6ABC News

6abc Action News Logo

We mentioned a while back that 6ABC news had come to our facility and filmed us making chocolate. The segment aired this morning around 6a.m. in Philadelphia. For our fans that don’t live in Philadelphia, or were too tired to wake up and watch us, we have a link to the video. Check out this clip to see how we make our chocolate:


Don’t forget: LAST DAY TO ORDER CHOCOLATE FOR VALENTINE’S DAY. Look how delicious rose petals and 23 karat gold flakes look in the video! Make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet with the perfect custom chocolate bar from Chocomize.

Valentine's Day Trivia

2Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and what could make a better gift then a custom chocolate bar from Chocomize? Be sure to order by 12p.m. on Wednesday the 10th to ensure that your order gets delivered on time.

Here are some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:


-15% of woman in the United States send flowers to themselves! Why would you do that when you could just send yourself a custom chocolate bar from Chocomize?


-Over 1 billion cards will be exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Sounds like a lot huh, can you guess the holiday that the most cards are given on?


-Teachers will receive the most Valentine’s Day cards out of anyone. If you really want to impress your teacher, we recommend one of our custom chocolate bars.


-The first picture of a U.S. president was taken on Valentine’s Day, 1849. Do you know who the president was?


-Three quarters of the people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men. Guys if you really want to impress that special someone, how about some candied rose petals on a Belgian chocolate bar.


-People spend an average of almost 80 dollars on Valentine’s Day, and almost 700 million dollars total! Save big bucks by ordering the perfect custom chocolate bar from Chocomize!


-Chocolate is extremely popular for Valentine’s Day. Did you know that chocolate manufactures use 40% of the almonds produced in the world and 20% of the world’s peanuts? We have both of course.

Top Five 'Favorites' Bars

thats nutsFor those of you who can’t decide which of our premium ingredients to include in your custom chocolate bar, we have some suggestions for you in our ‘favorites’ section. So which of our ‘favorite’s’ bars have actually been the most popular? Some on this list have been around since the beginning, others have been added only recently at the request of some of customers. But here it goes, the top five ‘favorites’ so far:


5. That’s nuts: The ‘that’s nuts’ bar has been around since the beginning of Chocomize. Dark chocolate with pecan halves, walnuts, butter toasted peanuts, and hazelnuts. Definitely the healthiest bar that made the top five list, the ‘that’s nuts’ bar was designed especially for those healthy chocolate lovers who like a little crunch in their bite, incidentally, this is Fabian’s favorite bar on our list.


4. Romance Bar: The ‘romance bar’ is another one of our ‘favorites’ bar that was created at the start of Chocomize. With dark chocolate, 23 karat gold flakes, rose petals, strawberries, and a chocolate butterfly, the ‘romance bar’ was designed specifically  to woo that special someone in your life. Probably the most frequently asked question we get about this ‘favorites’ bar is whether the gold flakes are actually edible. We would never put anything that wasn’t edible on your chocolate bar. That would take all the fun away! This bar has been increasingly popular around Valentine’s Day, but is always great for a romantic gift.


valentines day bar3. Valentine’s Day Bar: The ‘Valentine’s Bar’ is the newest addition to the ‘favorites’ section. Despite being recently added, however, it has been flying off our shelves (this is actually just an expression, every chocolate bar is handmade when someone orders, we don’t actually keep any chocolate bars pre-made.) With Dark chocolate, crystallized rose petals, candy sugar hearts, and message hearts, the Valentine’s Day bar is the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday. Make sure you order before February 10th to make sure your chocolate bar arrives on time!

candy bar

2. Candy Bar: The ‘candy bar’ is another chocolate bar that has been around since the beginning of Chocomize. Some of you might have noticed, however, that we recently switched around some of the ingredients in this ‘favorites’ bar. Nick, our resident candy expert, was not totally satisfied with the last ‘candy bar’ (he eats at least one of these a day) and decided to tweak the ingredients slightly. The end result is pure perfection (at least he tells us every day it is) and has been incredibly popular. With milk chocolate, gummi bears, chocolate candy, and nerds, this bar is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth.


teddybar1. Smores Bar: And the winner is…SMORES BAR! Every time someone orders this bar (which happens a lot) we ask ourselves: how could we not think of this bar ourselves? Such a simple combination of milk chocolate, mini marshmallows, and teddy grahams create an incredibly delicious chocolate bar. The ‘smores bar’ is an example of how you guys are definitely smarter than we are. Without you, we never would have thought of adding teddy grahams, and we never would have thought of making what might be the perfect chocolate bar (or at least Eric’s favorite chocolate bar.)


So there you have it, our top five ‘favorites’ bars. If you’re having trouble choosing which ingredients to include in your custom chocolate bar, take a look at this section to get ideas. Feel free to go back to the creation station and add some of your own ingredients to the favorite’s bars (e-mail us ideas as well.) Either way, you’re going to love these chocolate bars!


P.S. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is February 14th, make sure you order by midday on the 10th to get the perfect custom chocolate bar delivered just in time for the holiday!