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Favorite Bar Names

romance_barWe at Chocomize are all about giving people the ability to customize their own chocolate bar. We recently added a new way that people can personalize their own candy chocolate bar. In the brand new checkout system, people can create names for their chocolate that will appear on the back of the packaging! Oh and did I mention that this new feature is completely free? We didn’t think anyone could get more excited about this new addition than us, but we’ve had a lot of great response from our customers. We’ve also seen some great names. I don’t even know how many times we’ll be making chocolate when we will read one of the names of the bars and just burst into laughter. We’ve liked some of the names so much, that we decided that we would share them with you guys. The following are three of our favorite names so far. Let us know what you think.


Milk Chocolate
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Decorations: Chocolate Butterfly
Candy: Hard Peppermint Candy
Candy: White Chocolate Chips
Candy: Dark Chocolate Chips


Easter over load
Milk Chocolate
Decorations: Easter Egg
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Candy: Peanut Chocolate Candy
Decorations: Sugar Easter Bunnies


Jamaica Me Crazy!
Dark Chocolate
Fruits: Banana Chips
Fruits: Pineapple Dices
Fruits: Coconut Flakes
Nuts & Seeds: Macadamia Nuts
Candy: Toffee




Fan of the Month


We’ve picked our fan of the month. For those of you who aren’t aware, we’ve been having a ‘fan of the month’ contest. Our customers filled out a survey we posted on our blog that had various questions about themselves. We are really glad we decided to do this, because we had no idea how awesome our fans are! People from all over the country filled out the survey and we got a ton of great responses. The only bad part about the whole thing was that we could only pick one person, but congratulations to Joanne from California. She will receive our chocolate of the month club. Members of the chocolate of the month club receive four specially designed bars at the beginning of each month.
Read more about her below:


Name: Joanne

Location: Ramona, California

What is your favorite ingredient? Sea salt (after CHOCOLATE of course)

What is your favorite chocolate bar? Milk chocolate, sea salt, toffee bits, and whole almonds.

What is your favorite blog entry? Yes. The yearbook awards are cute and clever!

Have you ever submitted any recommendations to us? Yes, I am the one who recommended sea salt a few months ago! Thanks so much for taking my advice!

Why do you think you are a Chocomize Superfan? Because I tell EVERYONE about your website, I have made suggestions for you to market them to the Bonnie Hunt Show and Ellen Degeneres Show (why would I care if you succeed if I wasn’t a HUGE fan?) and I give GIFT CERTIFICATES as birthday gifts because one, I know the recipient will love it, and two, I know they will tell others about you!

What she says:


-“Chocolate is an anti-depressant.  That can be very helpful as you start to gain

weight.   *Buh huh huh!!!!   =)”

-“ Chocolate – The only vitamin C I need.”

Thanks to everyone who sent in responses and all of our great friends out there!


Golden Ticket Shipped out


Our golden ticket has been sent out! For those of you who haven’t heard, we are randomly sending out two golden tickets this month. We aren’t offering any tours of our chocolate factory (we don’t want anyone to fall into our river of chocolate) but whoever receives the ticket in their chocolate bar will receive the chocolate of the month club. They will get four specially designed bars at the beginning of each month for a total of three months!

There is still one more ticket left! Good luck to everyone who orders during the rest of the month, we’ll keep you updated on the winners.


Legend of the Easter Bunny


Easter is fast approaching (April 4th.) If you’re lucky, the Easter bunny might come by your house and leave you a basket of Chocomize bars! Have you ever wondered how the story of the Easter bunny came about? Yesterday we were busy making chocolate bars and we noticed that we were getting a lot of orders with chocolate Easter bunnies. We realized that we didn’t know how the legend of the Easter bunny originated, so we decided to do some research.


The first recorded stories of the Easter bunny occurred during the early 1600’s! It is based on the German fertility God ‘Oestre’. Her favorite animal was the rabbit because it symbolized fertility. Eggs (another popular Easter theme) were also closely associated with her because of their obvious representation of fertility.

The Germans were also the first to create edible Easter bunnies which were made of sugar. The first Easter candy was created in Germany during the 1800’s. When Fabian found out that the legend of the Easter bunny AND the first Easter candy came from Germany, he was insufferable the rest of the day. Every time one of us made a chocolate bar with an Easter bunny or egg, he would lean over our shoulder and say in a smug voice “do you know who invented these delicious ingredients?”

So if you’re worried that the Easter bunny might not bring you something good this year, check out our decorations tab where we have a lot of delicious Easter themed ingredients. Whether it is chocolate eggs or sugar ducks and rabbits, you’re Easter egg hunt should end with Chocomize!

Ingredient of the Week: Lavender


Lavender is the ingredient of the week. This was the second most requested ingredient from the contest we had a couple weeks back (check out our previous blog posting for more information.) You guys really know how to pick them! It took us a while to find the perfect type of lavender (ours is nicknamed the ‘ultra’ lavender) but we finally settled on a delicious type called ‘English lavender.’

The name is actually deceiving; although it is called ‘English’ lavender, it is actually cultivated in France. Lavender is used for many things other than eating. Its scent makes it extremely popular for potpourri, and is also used in many bath soaps and shampoos. It was traditionally though to help cure depression and assist in falling asleep. We aren’t doctors at Chocomize, but just the smell of lavender being mixed with chocolate is enough to put me in a good mood!

Lavender is probably one of the most unique ingredients we’ve ever added at Chocomize. We think that all our ingredients taste great in chocolate, but lavender is the first ingredient that I can think of that actually has a distinctive and pleasant smell to it. And although it might be a somewhat strange claim to make, I think we can say that not only do we have the best tasting and best looking chocolate bars, we now have the best smelling ones!

Keep giving us suggestions! The only way we can improve our list of ingredients is with your help. Have an idea for an improvement? Write a comment on our blog or send us an e-mail to