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Free Chocolate for St. Patricks Day!


In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, anyone who orders chocolate will get a free ‘I Feel Lucky’ chocolate bar. What is a ‘I Feel Lucky’ chocolate bar? If you check out our favorites page, you’ll see that we have an option where at a reduced price you get a random chocolate bar. Try your luck to see what you get! This offer will be good through all of Wednesday.







Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Name Your Chocolate Bar!


We at Chocomize are all about customization. We already have a ton of ways you can customize your chocolate bar (see our previous blog posts for a detailed lists of all the ways you can customize at Chocomize.) Well we are proud to offer a new way: Name your own chocolate bar!

If you have ordered from us in the past day or two, you will have noticed a change. We have a brand new checkout! Throw out your username and password, you don’t need them anymore. We’ve made things a lot simpler and easier to manage so that you have an easier time ordering your chocolate. The only thing that didn’t change was our great security system. We are a completely secure website, always have been and always will be. This means that you never have to worry about your information being compromised, you are always safe at Chocomize.

In addition to making things simpler in our checkout, we’ve added the ‘Name Your Bar’ feature. On the first page of the checkout, you have an option to write a name that will appear on the back of the packaging of your chocolate bar. If you look at the picture I took of the checkout, you will notice that I named my bar ‘Nick’s Awesome Bar’.  So far we’ve been getting a lot of great responses to this feature and people have come up with a lot of creative names. Have any good ones? Also we should mention that it is FREE!

Let us know if you can think of some good names and we’ll come out with a blog post soon of some of the best ones. Thanks for being fans!


Ingredient of the Week: Raspberries


The results are in; raspberries far and away won the contest for ingredients that should be added to our website. So of course they are featured as our ‘ingredient of the week!’ It’s a good thing that we listen to you guys, because the raspberries taste absolutely DELICIOUS in chocolate (I recommend dark chocolate.)

We had over forty people vote for their favorite ingredients. The top three were raspberries, lavender, and chocolate nibs. We didn’t add these ingredients right away because we needed time to find the highest quality ingredients possible. We put only premium ingredients on our website and wanted to make sure that we had found the best of the best.

As far as the raspberries are concerned, I would say: mission accomplished. They don’t just taste great, they are healthy as well! Raspberries are known to have some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit. As we always say, we aren’t doctors here at Chocomize, but we can say for sure that you’re going to love the taste of these raspberries in your custom chocolate bar.

Stay tuned for when we add lavender and chocolate nibs to our website! As always, give us more suggestions for ingredients. We will be starting another contest soon with ten of the best ingredients that have been recommended to us recently.



The Next Big Thing In Chocolate!



These days’ people are looking for something a little more exotic in their chocolate. Chocomize has seen this first hand with the wild popularity of bacon, cayenne pepper and other ingredients you don’t traditionally associate with chocolate. The brilliant minds of the Chocomize research team have spent countless man-hours thinking ahead of the curve to find the next big thing in chocolate, and we think we have done it! Chocomize has recently teamed up with another young, innovative mass customization company that has revolutionized the market for our new ingredient. As the first mass customization chocolate company, Chocomize continues to lead the way with our new collaboration. Obviously we are very excited about this new ingredient and though for now it is top secret we want the faithful Chocomize fans to take a stab at what this mysterious new ingredient may be. If you get it right we will send you one of the first bars with this new ingredient! Guess away.







Superfan Contest


We have the best customers in the world, and it’s time we show our appreciation. We want to give our best fans free chocolate for three months!

Do you think you are a Chocomize Superfan? In our minds, a Chocomize Superfan is someone who participates in helping us form the direction of Chocomize. They might write on our facebook wall, suggest recommendations for ingredients on our blog, or give feedback about what they thought of their Chocomize bars. Either way, our Superfans feel like they are part of the Chocomize team, and that’s because they are!

If you think you are a Chocomize Superfan, click on the survey and fill out the following couple questions for a chance to win free chocolate for three months!