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Personalized Greeting Cards

chcoomize_greetingcardWe’ve created a new way for you to personalize your chocolate bar, just in time for Mother’s Day! Over the past couple of weeks we have created a bunch of new additions to our website, all of which aim towards you creating the perfect custom chocolate bar. We revamped our entire checkout system and created a ‘name your bar feature’ (check out the previous post to read about the top five names of the past couple of weeks.) We weren’t satisfied with just adding that, however.

Chocomize is extremely popular for birthday chocolate bars and other chocolate gifts. We had gotten a lot of requests from you guys to create an option where you could write a personalized message. We always try to respond as quickly as possible to feedback we get from customers, and we’ve now added the ‘personalized greeting card’ option that is available at checkout.

Once you pick and design your perfect custom candy bar, there is an option in our checkout to create you very own greeting card. Write your very own message and send it to the person receiving your personalized chocolate bar!

If you are giving a gift for Mother’s Day, make sure you get credit (my mom will probably get a hand written note…sorry to ruin the surprise mom) and design yourself a personalized greeting card.


Top Five Bar Names

chocomize_packaging2Hey guys, we’ve had some great names for chocolate bars these past couple of weeks. Here are my top five favorite, let me know what you think:

1.) For Mom, so she won’t steal dads

Dark Chocolate

Nuts & Seeds: Whole Almonds

Nuts & Seeds: Pecan Halves

2.) To The Sweetest

Dark Chocolate

Other: Graham Teddies

Decorations: Happy Birthday Plaque

Decorations: Sprinkles

Candy: Mini Marshmallows

(I really like the pun here…)

3.) Smart Mouth Bar

Dark Chocolate

Candy: Pop Rocks

Fruits: Sour Cherries

Herbs & Spices: Cayenne Pepper

4.) Nueces y Dulces en Blanca

White Chocolate

Nuts & Seeds: Hazelnuts

Nuts & Seeds: Macadamia Nuts

Candy: Butterscotch

Candy: Caramel Pieces


Dark Chocolate

Candy: Peanut Chocolate Candy

Fruits: Dried Strawberries

1000+ Twitter Followers


Yesterday, at around midnight, we broke the 1000 followers mark on Twitter! We are happy for everyone who follows and tweets with us. As you know, our business is solely online. This is great because everyone in the US can buy our delicious personalized chocolate bars. The downside, however, is that people can’t stop by and chat with us a little. Fortunately there are things like Twitter and Facebook though that help us keep in touch. If you want to share your thoughts with us, and also want to be up to date with the most recent developments here at Chocomize, you should follow us! This is also a great way of getting promotional codes for our website.


We look forward to tweeting with you!



Chocomize Survey

Fill out our customer survey and get 10% off your order!


From time to time we like to get feedback on how you guys think we are doing. The last survey we sent out prompted us to completely change our checkout. We threw out those annoying username and passwords and made everything clearer and easier to use. We also added some great new ingredients as a response to your feedback. Check out our lavender, dried raspberries, and even beef jerky!


We need your help again! Fill out the following survey and get a 10% coupon code:


We appreciate your support and input!

Chocomize in 'American Way' Magazine


We are proud to announce that American Airline’s flight magazine ‘American Way’ will feature a story on Chocomize in their May issue. They thought that our personalized chocolate bars would be an interesting mention in their section about innovative products. Well, we think they are totally right! So if you are on one of their planes next month make sure to see what they have to say about us.