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Ingredient of the Week: Graduation Plaque

congrats_grad_plaqueIt’s graduation season! Summer is quickly approaching and nothing marks the transition in seasons like the end of the school year. Whether it’s someone in your family graduating from high school or a friend finishing up college, it’s a good bet you know someone graduating from school. This brings us to the ingredient of the week, our graduation plaques.

If you’re searching for the perfect graduation gift, look no more. Our personalized chocolate bars make the perfect gift. Send the right message with our ‘Congratulations Grad’ plaque. We actually had a lot of corny messages that we decided not to use such as ‘Congrats on your sweet success’… Our custom chocolate bars are really popular not just for graduation gifts, but also for graduations parties of which we offer great discounts and the ability to customize your own message.

My brother is graduating from college soon and is going to get a milk chocolate bar with a ‘Congratulations Grad’ plaque, sour patch kids, chocolate candy pieces, and gummi bears. I would say sorry for ruining the surprise, but my family is pretty used to getting Chocomize chocolate bars for gifts (I still haven’t heard anyone protesting.) What kind of chocolate bar would you want for your graduation?


How small is the world?

what are the odds


Yesterday I had one of those moments that are just too unlikely to be true. My parents are currently on a trip through Asia and they told me a story last night that I thought you would like to hear about. They were taking a train tour through North Vietnam and happened to be sitting next to two young guys from the UK who were taking a gap year before university to discover the world. The guys were chatting with my parents and asked if they had kids and what they were doing. The first thing my dad told them was that one of his sons started a chocolate company in the United States and told them the whole nine yards about Chocomize.

Ok, a quick rhetorical question in case you have fallen asleep already:

What are the odds that two 19 year old guys from the UK, went to a party in Los Angeles that had Chocomize party favors, only to meet my German parents on a train in Northern Vietnam? Impossible? Well, once my dad said the word Chocomize, the guys smiled and knew exactly what was going on. How could he forget the delicious custom chocolate bars at the Academy Awards party in L.A? Well, I guess the world really is small sometimes.

Ever had a moment like this? Share it with us!




Chocomize T-Shirts

chocomize t-shirts

So if you’re a Chocomize fan, you’ll know that we are constantly updating and changing things on our website. It’s actually an easier job than it might seem. We just sit back and listen to what you guys say, and then we try to get it done. You could say we aren’t the creative types… So what have people been telling us lately? Give us some Chocomize t-shirts!


We did some research and we decided that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to make the t-shirts ourselves, we want to focus on making those delicious personalized chocolate bars. What we did instead was to set up a t-shirt shop at another company. All you have to do to get an awesome Chocomize t-shirt is visit We have men’s and women’s shirts and will be adding more designs pretty soon. In the meantime, show everyone how big of a fan you are by getting a Chocomize t-shirt!

Account Suspended?

What the heck was going on yesterday?  I’m guessing a lot of people were asking themselves this when they tried to get onto our website. Instead of the usual delicious looking chocolate bars on the homepage, most visitors got to see this awesome error message: This Account Has Been Suspended.

account suspended


What happened?

If you were on our website like we were, you would have noticed that suddenly everything got really slow, and then all of sudden stopped working! Well Urban Daddy, a free daily e-mail that writes about cool new products, sent an e-mail about how ridiculously awesome we are =)   So many people wanted to check us out that our servers were shut down because of all the traffic. So how much is too much? We got approximately 3500 visits in just 20 minutes.

We feel pretty embarrassed about what happened, but we are a young company and don’t admit to knowing everything about everything. We ended up upgrading our hosting service to a dedicated account. This means no more server crashes when lots of people surf on the site at the same time, and, most importantly, lower loading times (even less time before you get your personalized chocolate bars.)

So if you’re saying to yourself, who cares I just wanted to order my chocolate, we have something that might cheer you up a bit. For today only we’re creating a gift code so you can get 10% off your custom chocolate bar. Just type ‘we are back’ into the coupon section of the checkout to redeem your discount.

Have you ever been caught with your pants down? Help cheer us up by telling about your most embarrassing stories. We’d love to read about them in the comments section!

Nick, Eric, and Fabian

Top Five Bar Names

berry_bar_packagingHere are the best personalized chocolate bar names of the week:

1. Happy Mother’s Day!
Milk Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Pecan Halves
Nuts & Seeds: Whole Almonds
Decorations: Mothers Day Plaque Top of Form

2. Cinnamon Bliss
Dark Chocolate
Herbs & Spices: Cinnamon
Fruits: Mango Dices
Nuts & Seeds: Butter Toasted Peanuts

3. Be Jealous of David’s Bar
Dark Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Organic Sesame Seeds
Fruits: Papaya Dices
Fruits: Diced Ginger
Fruits: Mango Dices
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt

4. My Wine’s Best Friend
Dark Chocolate
Herbs & Spices: Lavender
Fruits: Dried Raspberries

5. Salty Dog
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Caramel Pieces
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt