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Chocomize Parties With Team Fox

team fox chocomizeOn April 23rd Fabian and I attended the Team Fox MVP dinner in New York City. The event recognized some of the most creative and successful fundraising efforts of Team Fox Members in the last year. As you know, Team Fox is one of the three charities Chocomize customers can choose to donate to as part of their order.

Team Fox is part of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Team Fox is for fundraisers who raise awareness and funds for research through creative activities that range from running marathons, climbing mountains and making chocolate! At the event Fabian and I met a number of tremendously generous people who gave their time, energy and resources to support this worthy cause. One member raised nearly $90,000 running a marathon!

team fox chocomize_2The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has raised over $179 million since its inception in 2000. Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder which damages the central nervous system. While there are many symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease, it is the tremors and slowing of movement that are the most recognizable characteristics of the illness. Parkinson’s is mainly caused by insufficient dopamine in the brain which functions as the motor oil which allows the brains messages to be transferred to the body’s muscles. When there is a lack of dopamine the body reacts as a car would without motor oil, sputtering and seizing.

michel j foxChocomize has had a great relationship with Team Fox, they really like our concept and product, they have blogged about us and even requested to make a Team Fox favorites bar. We were honored to be invited to the event and had a great time meeting donors and staff as well as enjoying great food and drinks. Chocomize donated chocolate bars as part of the place settings for the more than 250 guests of the event. The Chocomize bars were a big hit and hopefully expressed in some small way our gratitude for the tremendous efforts of Team Fox and it’s members.

We encourage you to check out the Team Fox website to learn more about Parkinson’s Disease and how you can do your part to help. As always you can select Michael J. Fox as your charity when you buy from Chocomize and also give an additional donation that goes 100% towards this the Team Fox organization. It’s a great cause that we are thrilled to be a part of and hope you will join us.


Photos by 1923 Studio

Top Five Most Popular Favorites Bars

teddybarHave you ever wondered which combinations are the most popular? Check out our ‘favorites’ page where if you can’t decide what to design, you can pick from some of our previous favorites (hence the name.) So which one of our favorites is the most popular? The following is the top five most popular custom chocolate bars:

5. I Feel Lucky Chocolate Bar: This candy chocolate bar is for the adventurous. If you’re looking for a pleasant surprise (we like to think we can put together a mean chocolate bar) then this is the bar for you. It looks like we have a lot of daredevil customers, because this is a very popular chocolate bar.

4. Spicy Special Chocolate Bar: So here’s some inside information that I bet very few people know: the spicy special ‘favorites’ bar is actually named in honor of a sandwich that Eric, Fabian, and I would eat while we studied together at Columbia University. Our favorite deli had a great spicy sandwich which they called ‘the spicy special’. We loved the name and the sandwich even more, so when we designed the first spicy chocolate bar, it was a unanimous decision to name it in honor of our favorite sandwich. We go back there from time to time, and there’s no better combination than a spicy special sandwich and a spicy special personalized chocolate bar.

3. Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar: People love giving our chocolate bars for birthdays. Can you blame them? This bar is especially awesome because in addition to tasting amazing, it comes with a candle and candle holder. How many people have blown out a chocolate bar with a candle? Not very many until Chocomize came around!

2. Summer Chocolate: This bar might come as a surprise to people, but white chocolate is actually very popular. With its incredibly smooth taste, white chocolate goes great with toffee and chocolate candy pieces. Even though it’s called the summer chocolate, be careful about leaving it out in the sun, it will melt. And speaking of melting and summer, you don’t ever have to worry about your order not making it in the heat; we ship all our boxes with ice. Yeah we’re awesome.

1. Smores Bar: This bar is far and away our most popular. And for good reason, it’s absolutely delicious. The history and origin of the bar is a bit of a controversy around the office. Fabian swears that his girlfriend came up with the idea, while Eric swears that it was his. It’s funny because they’re both wrong, only I could come up with such a great tasting creation! Whatever the history, one this is for sure, this personalized chocolate is amazing.


Customer Feedback

chocomize_surveyA couple weeks ago we sent out a survey to all our fans. We had a lot of great responses and some really helpful advice. Here are some of the responses we got from you guys:

-Great idea custom chocolate at a good price!

-I was very happy with the quality of the chocolate and the ingredients. We loved the candy bar! We will be ordering more soon.

-Tried y’all out and loved my chocolate. Will be ordering some for my sis for her birthday :-)

-Loved the website, easy to order. Family loved it and it was gone in a few days. I will definately order from you again.

-LOVED the new process on gift certificates — just ordered two the other day. What a great idea — I wish you tons of success! I’m a fan!

-I think you guys are a great company! My first batch of bars i ordered came and were cracked. I wasn’t angry, it happens. But sent an email, just to let you know so it could be prevented in the future(because someone would get angry!) I got a quick response, and a gift certificate for additional bars! I was so very surprised by the customer service and generosity! And when i ordered additional bars, they were sent in a different package and were all in perfect condition. Thanks for all your great work!

-Glad I found this site, I am hoping that none of my other friends find it before Xmas because I am thinking of giving them all a Chocomize G.C.!

Thanks guys for all the great comments and the advice. We are constantly updating our website and adding ingredients based on what you guys want. So if there is something that you don’t see, and you want, we’ll make sure to get them to you! Just let us know.