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Father's Day Chocolate Bar Names

Happy Father’s Day! We hope all you Dads out there are enjoying your custom chocolate bars. In the spirit of Father’s Day, here are our favorite names people came up with for their Father’s Day chocolate bars:

Dad’s Rocky Road – Happy Father’s Day!!fathers day bar no  2
Milk Chocolate

Nuts & Seeds: Sliced Almonds

Nuts & Seeds: Organic Cashews

Candy: Mini Marshmallows

Sweet Tooth Dad

Dark Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Organic Cashews
Fruits: Mango Dices

Dad’s crunchy, chewy goodness bar
Dark Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Macadamia Nuts
Nuts & Seeds: Organic Flax Seeds
Fruits: Blueberries
Herbs & Spices: Cinnamon
Decorations: Fathers Day Plaque

Dark Chocolate
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Candy: Kit Kat
Candy: Cookie Dough
Decorations: Fathers Day Plaque

You’re a Sweet Dad
Dark Chocolate
Decorations: Fathers Day Plaque
Decorations: I Love You Heart

The View From Candyland – Part 2

custom chocolate orders


After another busy weekend with all of the Father’s Day orders coming in, I couldn’t get the blog updated yesterday (a portion of Monday’s order is shown above) so here we are on Tuesday morning getting ready for another big push for the holiday.

Father’s Day
Have you gotten him anything yet? Go to the Favorites section to order one of our popular pre-made bars (on sale for $5.95), or go to the Creation Station and make your own bar for your gift. Don’t forget to get a greeting card as well!

New Ingredients
As you may have noticed, the ingredients contest is over and you can now add 3 new ingredients to your custom chocolate bars – cookie dough (our new favorite), kit-kat and junior mints. Are any of these your father’s favorite? Don’t worry, you can still place your order and we will have it to you in time for the big day!

Ever heard of National Chocolate Day? It is rapidly approaching and will of course be accompanied by a sale on a special Chocolate-on-Chocolate bar.


Until next week,


New Ingredients Added

cookie_doughThanks to our fans, ingredients No. 104, 105, and 106 have just been added to our website! These three winners of the ingredient competition are quickly becoming a company favorite. Kit Kats, Junior Mints, and Cookie Dough…how did we not think of these before? Now it’s time for you guys to start thinking of even MORE ingredients to add to our website.

kit_katNot to brag or anything, but now that we have 106 different ingredients, there are 36,843,895,308 different possible combinations for you to make. That means we could give a different chocolate bar to every single person in the world for almost a whole week. Yeah, we’re awesome.

Top Five Bar Names

romance_barHere are our favorite bar names of recent:

1. Flower Power
Dark Chocolate
Other: Crunchy Almond Croquant
Decorations: Crystallized Violet Petals

2.Snack-Attack Bar
Dark Chocolate
Other: Potato Chips
Candy: Peanut Chocolate Candy
Other: Cheerios
Candy: Strawberry Gushers
Candy: Message Hearts

3. Mark’s Sugar Coma Bar
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Pop Rocks
Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Candy: Nerds
Candy: Jelly Beans
Candy: Skittles

4. Love ya more than chocolate
Milk Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Roasted Organic Peanuts
Candy: Butterscotch
Decorations: Fathers Day Plaque

5. Daddy’s Healthy Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Whole Almonds
Fruits: Cranberries

3 New Ingredients!

The results are in and the winners are…

Cookie Dough, Junior Mints and Kit-Kat

In a vicious late weekend battle that kept us up all night here at Chocomize, Vanilla Bean was barely beaten out and the top four were within just a few votes, making the competition for the top 3 sweeter than ever. A big thank you to all the competitors and we hope you enjoy the winning ingredients. The list will be updated in just a few days so you can start adding the new flavors to your custom chocolate as soon as possible. See the final results below.