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The View From Candyland – Part 1

Good morning everybody and happy Monday to you all. Welcome to the first entry in my new blog for the summer – The View From Candyland.

It’s another busy start to the week here at HQ in beautiful Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but as usual we are ready to throw on the aprons and customize some chocolate. Before we start on this week, however, let me give you some of the highlights from last week:

-In an unfortunate event related to cleaning out our storage room to make room for a large shipment, Eric broke the strap on his wristwatch and is having trouble adjusting to the extremely pale skin where his trusty timepiece used to be
-We bought an enormous new freezer so that we can make more ice at one time, making our shipping process far more efficient and making sure that your candy bar arrives in perfect condition
-We received our copy of “Candy Industry Magazine” with our feature on pages RC18 and 20 (read about it on our Press page)
-We met with a staffing agent to talk about hiring more employees because, thanks to you, our custom chocolate bars are becoming increasingly popular
-We updated our office’s modern art collection with a large Jackson Pollock-type piece

In other news, this month we are part of a contest on and we are featured on a few new blogs, so click here to vote for Chocomize and check our press page to see what everyone is saying about the custom chocolate.

Anything interesting happen at your home or office last week? How was your last Chocomize experience? – Post about it here!

Father's Day Facts

fathers bar 1Father’s Day is approaching (June 20th) and we realized that at Chocomize we don’t really know much about the history of this holiday. Here are some facts about Father’s Day that we bet you didn’t know:

-Even though Woodrow Wilson as far back as 1914 advocated for Father’s Day, the holiday wasn’t made official until 1972, almost 60 years after Mother’s Day was made an official holiday.

-Although more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than on Father’s Day, a greater percentage of collect calls are made on Father’s Day (a little random but what the heck.)

-The official flower of Father’s Day is the rose.

-Hallmark states that Father’s Day ranks fifth among card giving holidays.

-Over 1/3 of all cards sold on Father’s Day are comedic in nature.

-There are 67.8 million Dads in the USA.

-The first recorded celebration of Father’s Day occurred in Spokane Washington 100 years ago.

Have any other good facts about Father’s Day not listed above? Let  us know!


Chocolate Bonds

bonds1Everyone knows that the economy is doing poorly right now. What should you do with your money? Stocks are risky and keeping your money in the bank isn’t going to make you rich. How about investing in chocolate!

Normally we wouldn’t promote any of our competitors (we’re just a lot classier than say Godiva who talks about us all the time on their blog) but a British chocolate company has grabbed our attention. The British chocolate company, Hotel Chocolat, is trying to raise money for their company. Typically a company will issue a bond that will pay a certain interest every year. This chocolate company, however, is trying to pay its investors back in chocolate. People who buy these ‘chocolate bonds’ will receive a lot of chocolate every year instead of plain old boring money.

We thought this was a pretty good idea, although we aren’t about to start offering chocolate bonds. If you do want to receive a bunch of custom chocolate bars every month, however, you can check out our chocolate of the month club. It’s a much cheaper way to receive delicious chocolate annually (the chocolate bonds run around $5000 dollars.)

Father's Day Chocolate Bars

fathers bar 1Mom’s aren’t the only ones who love chocolate. Father’s Day is fast approaching (June 20th.) Make sure you show Dad a little love with fathers day bar no  2Chocomize. Design him his favorite chocolate bar and add a little message to it with our ‘Happy Father’s Day’ edible plaques. For those of you uncreative people out there, we’ve gotten together (with consultation of our own Dad’s) and designed two bars that we think Dad will love.  For those of you who want to give a sweeter bar, try the Father’s Day Bar No. 1: Milk chocolate with butter toasted peanuts, happy father’s day plaque, mini pretzels, and caramel pieces. If you’re looking for a something a little different, try our Father’s Day Bar No. 2: Dark chocolate with happy father’s day plaque, raisins, and hazelnuts.

If you’re worried about your personalized chocolate bars melting now that summer is coming, don’t! We pack all our boxes with ice and guarantee that your bars will arrive in perfect condition. The only thing you need to worry about is whether to choose pretzels or chocolate candy pieces…or both.