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Favorites Faceoff



Here at Chocomize it is no secret that we give each and every customer the opportunity to create a custom chocolate bar just the way they want it. Now we want to give you the opportunity to have your own bar immortalized on our Favorites Page, a place only reserved for the most delectable and creative. Once in the Favorites Page, your bar, named and created by you, will be among the legends like the Smores and Spicy Special Bars.


To enter your bar into this contest:

- Submit a name, base chocolate and up to five ingredients for your bar in the comments section on this blog post or on our Facebook Page.

- We will select the top 5-10 bars from all the entries next Friday at which point voting will be open to everyone. The winning bar (and if its close, maybe more than just the 1st place vote getter) will be placed onto our Favorites Page and its creator will get one of their creation for FREE.

We are really excited to salivate over these entries! Get those creative juices flowing and enter the contest!

Eric and Jim Eat Chipotle Peppers

The competition never ends here at Chocomize as we continue to bring you the best customized chocolate bars. Eric and Jim, both self-admitted “whimps” when it comes to eating spicy food, each eat one of the spicy chipotle peppers used in our Spicy Special Bar. The after affects are quite comical! Watch for yourself!

While Eric and Jim aren’t spicy food aficionados, our Spicy Special Bar is one of our most popular! If spicy isn’t how you like your chocolate, don’t fret. You can create your own customized chocolate bar by choosing from 3 base chocolates (dark, milk and white) and over 100 ingredients! This opens up over 30 BILLION different possibilities for your very own personalized bar! Click on the Creation Station above to get started!




Battle of the Beards

As you know from our recent blog post about rowing superstar and Chocomize founder Nick LaCava, Chocomize is chocked full of athletes. This means that Chocomize employees thrive on a competitive environment. The sense of competition is great as it is a driving factor towards maintaining our preeminence as one of the most innovative, fun and exciting mass customization companies out today. The competition however is not just limited to making sure Chocomize is the coolest chocolate company out there, sometimes the competition is within the office. Those of you who filled out our recent survey saw hints of this when you were asked to tell us who was the most handsome Chocomizer… which coincidentally ended up being this particular blogger. For the next few weeks the competition heats up in a head to head showdown between summer associate Jim Brown and myself, Chocomize founder Eric Heinbockel.


Over the next few weeks you will be the judge in a competition governed by genetics, testosterone and most importantly will power. As mentioned earlier this is a head to head match up between Jim ‘baby face’ Brown and Eric “sweet cheeks” Heinbockel. The contestants shaved their beards last night in order to get a clean and even start. Each Tuesday the two contestants will check in with Chocomize Blog readers to update them on their beard growing capabilities via a collage of beard photographs. Each week readers will get the chance to vote on the best beard progress. At the end of the competition… when Jim cries uncle we will tally the votes and those who voted on the winning side will receive a discount code for their next Chocomize custom chocolate bar order.


So in a race matched in excitement and speed only by the growing grass I say let the beards begin!

Jim and Eric square off smiling for the last time as the cut throat battle begins.


Chocolate the next Gatorade?

While we don’t plan on marketing Chocomize as the next big sports food, custom chocolate certainly seems to be fueling Chocomize founding partner Nick’s rowing career. Next week Nick heads off to Switzerland for the final leg of the Rowing World Cup series in Lucerne. Nick originally picked up rowing on the Saugatuck River in his hometown of Weston, Ct while still in middle school. He continued to develop his talent at Phillips Exeter Academy and then Columbia University where he was the team captain his senior year. Nick’s impressive career continues as he races in his second year of international competition. As you may recall Nick represented the United States last year at the Rowing World Championships in Poznan Poland.


Nick has been working hard, balancing his training and his role as partner at Chocomize. Nick hopes to return to the Rowing World Championships this fall in New Zealand with his eye fixed firmly on the 2012 Olympics in London.  Between partners, interns and chocolate makers the Chocomize team is host to 8 rowers including Olympians Sam Stitt and Beijing Bronze Medal winner Steve Copolla… perhaps we should put together our own team? We wish Chocomizers Nick, Jimmy, Anthony, Sam and Steve the best of luck in Lucerne… perhaps they will even convert some Swiss chocolatiers into Chocomize fans!

Collect them all! Check out Nick’s US Rowing limited edition rookie trading card below.