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Favorite Combinations

berry_bar_packaging2We’ve had some pretty delicious combinations this week. Need some ideas other than our favorites? Check out what we think were the best combinations this week.

1. Joe’s bar
Milk Chocolate
Other: Mini Pretzels
Nuts & Seeds: Roasted Organic Peanuts
Candy: Cookie Dough
Herbs & Spices: Cinnamon
Candy: Candy Orange Slices

2. Salty Caramel
Dark Chocolate
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt
Candy: Caramel Pieces

3. My Angel
Dark Chocolate
Candy: Oreo Pieces
Decorations: Valentine Heart
Other: Mini Pretzels
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt
Fruits: Dried Raspberries

4. Tropical Battle Royal
Milk Chocolate
Fruits: Coconut Flakes
Fruits: Pineapple Dices
Fruits: Banana Chips

5. Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
Dark Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Pecan Halves
Nuts & Seeds: Hazelnuts
Decorations: Happy Anniversary Plaque
Decorations: I Love You Heart
Other: Mini Pretzels

Ingredient List Update


pumpkin_seedsIf you’re a true Chocomize fan you know that most of what is on our website has been voted, recommended, or added on by you guys. Do you think we could think of combining gushers and chocolate on our own? We recently had another contest to see which new ingredients we should add to our list. The first place winner, orange peel, blew the rest of the competition out of the water. The second place ingredient, pumpkin seeds, was a much closer race.


This is old news though, what new? We taste tested them (we wouldn’t add anything we didn’t think was delicious…ok I’m not a big fan of wasabi peas, but we do only add the best quality ingredients) and added them to the website! Both make for incredible additions to your custom chocolate bar. So far orange peel, strawberries, and pecan halves have (say that ten times fast) been very popular. Someone even named an ‘Orange Bar’:

Orange Bar
Dark Chocolate
Fruits: Orange Peel
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt
Candy: Candy Orange Slices
Candy: Mini Marshmallows

Candy: Pop Rocks

Pumpkin seeds and raisins have also been pretty popular. It definitely puts you in the fall mood! Anyways, thanks to all our fans for helping us find these great additions, and let us know what you think would go well with the new ingredients.


National Selection Regatta Wrap up.

Chocomize had quite a weekend and showing at the National Selection Regatta (NSR.) As reported in the previous posts, many on the Chocomize team are also rowers (we have to burn off all that chocolate somehow.) This weekend witnessed the finals of the NSR, and also the races were very exciting.

All of the Chocomize members reached the finals on Saturday morning, and everyone did really well! Sam Stitt placed second in the men’s heavyweight pair race, Jimmy Sopko and Will Daly placed third, and Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden placed first. Check out all the pictures of the racing below, and make sure to look closely to see the Chocomize logo and the back of everyone’s jersey.

Now all five of the Chocomize rowers are going to compete for a spot on the 2010 National Rowing Team and hopefully a chance to go race in New Zealand at the World Championships.


nsriii saturday

Above, Will Daly and Jimmy Sopko in the back, Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden up front.


nsriii saturday sam stitt

Above, Sam Stitt is the boat closest, in the back

National Selection Regatta Day Two

Great news! Chocomize advances to the finals of the rowing National Selection Regatta. Nick LaCava, Anthony Fahden, Jimmy Sopko, Will Daly, and Sam Stitt (chief chocolatier) have all advanced to Saturday’s finals. It’s unclear at the moment if their performance is due solely to having eaten tons of Chocomize chocolate, but we’re pretty convinced down here at the factory that it has had a large effect. Check out the pictures of some of the racing. Even though it’s hard to tell, you can see the begining of the Chocomize logo on their backs. Will Daly and Jimmy Sopko are in the first picture, Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden are in the second. Stay tuned to hear the results of Saturday’s racing!

And don’t forget to make your own custom chocolate bar at our creation station and support the rowers!


will and jimmy racing


nick and anthony rowing

Chocomize at NSR III

rowing_1A lot of the people working and running Chocomize are rowers. Today was the first day of the National Selection Regatta (NSR.) The NSR is a regatta that qualifies rowers to make the United States National team. Rowers come from all over the country to race in Princeton, NJ with the hope of trying to represent the US at the upcoming world championships in New Zealand this fall.

Chocomize was in full force today at the regatta, with four of its chocolatiers racing. Today was the preliminary racing. Sam Stitt  (the tall guy in the middle) placed 7th in the men’s heavyweight pair, while Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden (the two handsome gentleman to his left and right) placed 2nd and Will Daly and Jimmy Sopko (the scrawny looking guys on the ends) placed 1st in the men’s lightweight pair. Although Will doesn’t work at Chocomize (yet) he was willing to sport a unisuit with our logo on it.


rowing_2To get ready for the big race, Sam Stitt designed a pretty formidable handlebar mustache which is definitely worth a shot out on this blog. Hopefully he’ll have shaved it off by the time he comes into work, we don’t want him scaring any of our female employees!


You’ll notice on the back of the rowing jerseys there is the Chocomize logo. We’re all big fans of rowing over here at the factory and think it’s great that we can have a presence at the NSR. We make sure to keep all the rowers well supplied when it comes to chocolate, and our bars are always a big hit when we show up with a box at practice.


More updates will come as the racing continues!