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Charity Count

michel j foxGreat news! We recently broke the $2,000 mark on our charity count. As all our Chocomize fans know, a portion of every custom chocolate bar sold gets donated to one of three charities, and you the customer gets to choose which one. We’ve raised over $2,000, something we are very proud of. The money raised isn’t just from the proceeds, but also from extra donations that people have given. People have been extremely generous, sometimes giving ten, twenty, and even fifty extra dollars. If you check out our charity page, you’ll see that Doctors Without Borders leads the charge with over $1000 raised, and then the Michael J. Fox foundation is in second place with Action Against Hunger close on its heels. Keep up the good work, and hopefully we’ll reach $3,000 in no time at all!

Top Five Best Bars of the Week

Need help coming up with some good ideas for your chocolate bar creation? Here are the five most delicious bars I think we made this week:

1. But You Don’t Let Bees in Your House!dark_pretzels_blueberries
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Candy: Dark Chocolate Chips
Candy: White Chocolate Chips
Decorations: Sprinkles

2. Healthy & Happy Mami
Milk Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Organic Flax Seeds
Fruits: Coconut Flakes
Other: Banana Granola

3. Cierra’s Candy Bar
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Candy: Pop Rocks

4. Catie’s other birthday bar!
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Oreo Pieces
Candy: Mini Marshmallows
Candy: Cookie Dough

5. Dark Chocolate
Candy: Caramel Pieces
Candy: Toffee
Candy: Mini Marshmallows
Candy: Cookie Dough
Decorations: Candy Sugar Hearts

Tropical Island Chocolate Bar

fabian tropical island barThere’s no groundbreaking news to share, but Fabian created a pretty awesome picture that I thought was at least worth posting on our blog.back to school bar This has been one of our all time favorite bars and has been around since the beginning of Chocomize. It’s unclear exactly how this combination was discovered (usually when in doubt I try to take credit for things) but it’s a pretty natural combination. Fabian’s ne w picture definitely makes it more enticing!

And for those who haven’t noticed, we did add a new favorites bar called the Back To School Bar. Milk chocolate with gummi bears, chocolate candy, and candy letters is a great gift for the student heading off to school (and it’s on sale!) That’s enough salesmanship for one blog posting, summer is quickly coming  and I’m going to try to enjoy the outdoors…


Jim's Farewell

Hello and Goodbye,

It’s been a wild ride here at the creation capital of the world and I certainly learned a lot, not only about how to decipher Fabian’s German accent or how to perfectly chop those pesky macadamia nuts, but also about raw entrepreneurship and smooth business management. I was lucky enough to earn a position in the office here at a time of major growth and change and saw our company featured in everything from Oprah and CNN to TV hit Rizzoli and Isles and the Costco Connection and many more. From first bar to last, this was easily the sweetest job I’ve had yet and it will certainly be hard to top, even with 23 karat gold flakes…(my ability to craft the perfect puns has also increased exponentially since starting my work here). I’m off to celebrate the rest of summer with a few of my favorite things. . .

My dog Rosie


The Beach


and Rizzoli and Isles (can you find the Chocomize bar?)

rizzoli  isles

Until…next year???!?

Jim Brown

Ingredients Contest Recap

As you can see from the final picture below, diced orange peel won by a landslide with pumpkin seed coming in second, over 40 votes behind the winner. This has definitely been the most clear-cut victory I’ve ever seen in my polling days here at Chocomize, and the most surprising as well. We all knew orange peel was a winner from the get-go, but had no idea pumpkin seed would thrive the way it did from day one. Maybe it has something to do with fall being right around the corner? Well, I hope you are happy with your choice Chocomizers, diced orange peel and pumpkin seed will be up on the list shortly. Keep sending us emails or write on our facebook wall about what else you’d like to see in your perfect custom chocolate creation, so that we have some new contestants for our next ingredients contest.