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Chocomize goes to Harvard


chocomize harvardOn October 25 Chocomize founders Eric Heinbockel and Fabian Kaempfer headed up to Boston to visit Harvard Business School for a presentation and discussion regarding Chocomize’s operations and growth. Eric and Fabian attended two Technology and Operations Management classes, each with 90 first year MBA students. The core of the presentation and Q&A centered around the dilemmas that small custom products manufacturers like Chocomize face as they grow rapidly. Key to the discussion was the fact that as Chocomize grows there is increasing pressure to produce very large orders. In the last few months Chocomize has been approached by several institutions for orders ranging from 10,000 custom chocolate bars all the way up to 50,000 bars. These large orders offer their own unique challenges to operations and the 180 Harvard MBA students the Chocomize founders met with discussed many unique solutions and insights.

The Chocomize founders were asked to come to Harvard to discuss the challenges of growing a co-creation company after HBS operations professor read about Chocomize in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The Chocomize founders were honored to participate in discussions with so many talented MBA students at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. HBS boasts an impressive history with graduates like Robert McNamara, Michael Bloomberg and even Jack Donaghy. The Chocomize founders look forward to continuing their academic discussions November 10th when they will be participating in Rutgers Business School’s Guest Professor Series, this time focusing on marketing strategies.



Chocomize and Slantshack Jerky

slantshack jerkyChocomize is proud to announce that it has upgraded its beef jerky. We are now using Slantshack Jerky! Slantshack was started by fellow Columbia alumni who had a strong passion for both beef jerky and co-creation. They developed some of the tastiest jerky in America. It was so good that Maxim named it one of the top ten jerkies in America. If we thought chocolate and beef jerky was a good idea before we teamed up with these guys, well we’re sure of it now!

In addition to making insanely good beef jerky, Slantshak is also a co-creation company like us. Here’s how they work: You first select the portion size. Then you can choose whether you want regular or grass fed beef. Next you can choose the marinade, rub, and glaze. Their rubs have all been developed in house and contain some great names like ‘Jerk McGurk’s Wild Rubdown’ and ‘Smoky Sanche’s Dusty Trail.’ So if you like being able to create your own chocolate bars, you’re definitely going to love creating your own beef jerky. Check them out at

Halloween Contest


Halloween is our favorite holiday at Chocomize, and it’s always a big competition between the three of us to see who has the best costume. I usually dress up as Harry Potter, while Fabian and Eric usually dress as up as something super lame. We were having an argument about who had the better costume idea for this year, and we realized that we wanted to see our fan’s Halloween costumes! If you think you have a great Halloween costume, post a picture of yourself on our Facebook page. We will pick the best costume, and the winner will get our chocolate of the month club for three months. That is three months of free Chocomize bars!


The contest will be open until November 7th (one week after Halloween.) After that time, we will pick the best costume, and that person will appear on our blog.



Good Luck!

Halloween Trivia

candy_corn.pngHalloween is just around the corner (you can tell this is a popular holiday for us) and so we did some research to find out some Halloween trivia. Here are some fun facts about the holiday that we bet you didn’t know:

-The traditional Halloween colors are orange and black with orange representing the fall harvest and black representing death.

-an even more random fun fact, there aren’t any words in the English language that rhyme with orange.

-Jack-o-lanterns come from Ireland where people used them to ward off evil spirits.

-The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween night comes from the Celtics who believed that evil spirits came out on Halloween and that by wearing costumes they could avoid them.

-The US candy industry sells around 2 billion dollars every year for Halloween.

-Trick or treating is supposed to have originated from the Celtics. Before their big Halloween party (they called it All Hallows Eve) they would go door to door collecting food for their big yearly feast.

-Bobbing for apples is a ritual that dates all the way back to the Roman Empire.

-The first citywide celebration of Halloween in the US took place in Anoka Minnesota in 1921.

-Around 40 million people go trick or treating every year.

-Around 10 billion pieces of candy corn will be made this year for Halloween.

Halloween Chocolate Bars

halloweenHalloween is just around the corner and in celebration we’ve created two new Halloween themed favorites bars. The first one called the ‘Trick or Treat’ bar is milk chocolate with candy corn, fall leaves, and candy bats (candy corn and chocolate tastes absolutely delicious together.) The second bar, named after one of Chocomize’s most played artists (in the production room) is called the ‘Thriller.’ It is dark chocolate with candy bats and orange and black sugar. Personally I’m a fan of the ‘Thriller’ bar, but Fabian insists that the ‘Trick or Treat’ chocolate bar is much better. We’ll leave it up to you guys to decide. Check them out on our favorites page.