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New Jersey Small Business Award

sbdcLast Friday, Chocomize was presented with the New Jersey Small Business Success award, given by the New Jersey Small Business Development Center. This means that we were voted one of the top small businesses in all of New Jersey! A lot of our fans know that our chocolate originates from Belgium, but not a lot of people know that our business itself is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We love the community that we are a part of, and we are really honored to be voted one of its best businesses.

When the idea for Chocomize was first started, we needed a lot of help to get it off the ground. We took advantage of the local business development center located in Rutgers, Camden. There we got a lot of great advice and help that allowed us to make Chocomize the success that it is today. We are so proud to be given this award after almost exactly the one year anniversary of our launch.

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As always, thanks to all our fans for making us such a success!