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Tommy Lee Tweets about Chocomize


The craze over customizable premium chocolate bars has reached many different places since our founding a little while back. We have received letters from the President, have been featured in many media outlets, and have seen our following expand all across the country and internationally.

Now, we even have a rock star to count among the fans of our chocolate bars. Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue and succesful DJ recently stumbled upon our operation and was moved to share it with his 88,000 followers on Twitter as well as his 99,000 friends on Facebook.


Since our company is a family-friendly one, we’ll refrain from posting exactly what he said (rock stars have a tendency to use some colorful language), but we tweeted back to him and ended up sending him a few rocking chocolate bars.


  • The Tommy Lee Challenge: Dark Chocolate with Beef Jerky
  • Sweet and Salty:Milk Chocolate with Real Bacon and Mini Pretzels
  • Potato Chips Reinvented: Milk Chocolate with Potato Chips
  • Cookie Bar
  • That’s Nuts
  • The bling bar: Dark Chocolate with 23 Karat Gold Flakes


Mr. Lee has said that he received the chocolate bars and enjoyed them very much (again, in his own special language). We’re happy we can count him among our fans, and if you know any other famous rock stars that you think might be in the market for a few tasty custom chocolate bars, be sure to send them our way.

Tomorrow: Chocomize on The View

the view logoFor those of you who have been following the evolution of Chocomize (or who have looked at our press page recently), you’ll know that we have been very fortunate in getting exposure in a lot of great outlets.  From The New York Times to The Today Show to Good Morning America and most recently in Good Housekeeping, Chocomize has been mentioned, featured, or discussed in some of the most visible and respected places in the media.


Tomorrow morning, in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the ladies of The View will have Chocomize bars in hand for their crowd and will tell their viewers about the ability to customize premium chocolate bars as a gift for the big day.  Make sure to tune in to ABC tomorrow at 11:00 AM Eastern Time to see it.


Also, don’t forget that 12:00 Midnight on February 10th is the deadline for orders to be placed to guarantee delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. So head over to our Creation Station and make your own chocolate bar for your Valentine!

Chocomize Now Available at West Side Market

smores wsmlogo_6 valentinesinpackaging


It’s been well documented that the founding fathers of Chocomize are among the sweetest alumni of Columbia University in New York City, having met and discussed starting a business while classmates in Morningside Heights.  Now, one of the favorite spots around campus among students is carrying two different varieties of Chocomize chocolate bars.


Our popular Smores Bar and seasonal Valentine’s Day packaged bars are now on sale at the 110th Street location of West Side Market.  So whether you are a student at Columbia, a regular visitor to the neighborhood, or just find yourself on Broadway uptown with a hunger for some premium chocolate with delicious combinations of toppings, you can easily stop by the market and satisfy your craving.