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Its Our Time!




Our Time was created to bring together young Americans with an important theme, “Alone we are weak, but together we can accomplish anything!” A non-profit organization, Our Time focuses on motivating the country’s youth to stick together and influence change. In an effort to reach out to young entrepreneurs, Our Time has partnered up with Chocomize as a media of support and promotion.


Integrated in Our Time’s campaign, “Buy Young” Chocomize offers a discount off select bars over a weeklong period.“Buy Young” presents discounts on products while supporting young businesses.



Want to voice your opinion about our nation’s health care system? Check out their “Save Money, Stay Healthy” campaign. Our Time also offers a source for the unemployed to search through available openings on their “AfterCollege” page. With so many great channels of information open to everyone, Our Time will be an important foundation for Americans under 30 to turn to in the future.


For more information, feel free to visit Our Time.



Dave Moser Photography Promotion

As you know by now Chocomize bars make for a delicious snack, are the perfect gift for any occasion, and are also widely popular for wedding favors. In addition to that we have also had the pleasure to work with dozens of great companies that used our bars for corporate gifts. The folks from Google, for example, can’t seem to get enough of our bars. Yahoo!, People Magazine, Cheerios, Melitta, and Nordstrom have been a couple of other companies that we have worked with in the past in addition to dozens of lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, and schools that used our custom chocolate bars for promotional gifts.

This time we wanted to introduce you to a really creative promotional campaign we recently conducted with top notch portrait photographer Dave Moser. Dave took the the pictures for the Chocomize feature in the Costco Connection Magazine. As a creative professional he was looking for an out of the box campaign to leave a long lasting impression with his clients.

Here is what we did:

Dave sent out a very creative letter to everyone on his mailing list which contained some information about his work and most importantly a “golden ticket”. The golden ticket invited his clients to create their own one of a kind chocolate bar on

The coupon codes that we set up for the promotion covered the chocolate and shipping and allowed up to separate Dave’s orders from our regular orders. To strengthen the connection between the chocolate gift and Dave Moser photography every bar got one of Dave’s signature stamps on it in the form of an edible image. In addition to this logo, each bar had a custom label on the back of the packaging that read:

“Just what THE ADMIRAL ordered! Your own custom-blended chocolate bar. Enjoy something you don’t taste every day, from a guy who specializes in images you don’t see every day. Thanks for your chocolate-loving guidance and for visiting”

It got even better: After having taken a couple of bites from the chocolate bar his clients would discover three sample pictures between the chocolate and the packaging. What a great way to get people interested and actually make them think about what they are seeing!

Needless to say the campaign was a huge success. One of his clients, a major entrepreneurship magazine, called it the best promotional campaign they have seen in 15 years! We are happy to have been a part of this idea and would love to explore similar opportunities in the future. If you think this is exactly what you have been looking for shoot us an email and let us know what you have in mind.


For more information on ‘The Admiral’, check out Dave Moser Photography.

Fathers Day is Just Around the Corner!

Does your dad love mouth watering chocolate? If so, we’ve got two great new favorite bars made specially in mind for Dads everywhere.


• Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Raisins, and Caramel Pieces

• Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips, Butter Toasted Peanuts, and Kit Kat Bars


Both bars feature our, “Happy Father’s Day” plaque, but if you’d prefer to make your own, the plaque is still available as a limited time topping in our creation station.


In addition, remember to check out our new Hot Chocolate on a Spoon available in three great flavors, which can be found in the Favorites Page.


From the Chocomize Headquarters, we wish everyone  a Happy and safe Father’s Day!


New Dark Chocolate Recipe

Calling all Chocoholics,


Chocomize Dark Chocolate Bars will now feature 73% cocoa content! Although some might assume this increase will add an extra bitter taste, its safe to say that our new dark chocolate will still keep the same great balance between smooth taste and strong flavor. Wow, I’m salivating just thinking about the new recipe now.


A bar of dark chocolate a day keeps the doctor away?


Not exactly, but cocoa beans do contain flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from aging along with decreasing the likelihood of heart disease. Dark chocolate actually contains nearly 8 times the number of antioxidants found in strawberries!  Flavonoids can also help relax blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol by up to 10%.


With a rich full body blend filled with distinctive flavor, we know you’ll enjoy every last minute of our new dark chocolate base.

Hot Chocolate On a Spoon

Love Hot Chocolate? Love Chocomize? Wish the two were together? Well now they are! We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our newest product…Hot Chocolate On a Spoon!


Here at the Chocomize Headquarters, we’ve been working hard to bring you the latest and greatest in chocolate innovation. After many long nights up tasting chocolate (so much chocolate) and experimenting with flavors, we’re proud to bring you our newest addition that we know you’ll love. All you have to do is put your Hot Chocolate On a Spoon in a mug filled with milk, heat the milk and chocolate till hot, stir until the chocolate has completely dissolved, and finally the best part…enjoy the delicious hot chocolate!


Initially, we have 3 flavors to enhance your hot chocolate experience, but you can expect that number to greatly increase as we continue to perform tests here at the factory.

• Milk Chocolate with Creamy Hazelnut

• Dark Chocolate with Nutty Amaretto

• White Chocolate with Vanilla

Look for them on our Favorites Page!

Let us know what you think about our Hot Chocolate On a Spoon. What flavors would you like in your Hot Chocolate?