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The Secrets to a Great Chocolate

A lot of people have been asking us, “What makes your handcrafted Belgian chocolate so smooth and creamy?” Well, we’re finally going to let you in on some of our secrets…


The Belgian Chocolate recipe differs from other chocolate in that it contains no vegetable shortening. The absence of vegetable shortening helps create that pure cocoa flavor that Chocomize customers have grown to love in their customizable chocolate bars. Our mouth-watering milk chocolate is made using cocoa paste, sugar, milk, and cocoa butter. To master the recipe like us, you need the perfect proportion of each ingredient, which can take years for chocolatiers.


Dark Belgian chocolate contains a larger percentage of cocoa. Our white chocolate differs from milk and dark by extracting only butter from the cocoa. This removes the bars brown color while still containing that rich chocolate consistency and flair.


Since Chocomize chocolate bars usually ship within 1-3 days, each hand made order avoids sitting on a grocery shelf for weeks waiting to be eaten. The chocolate is preserved and delivered fresh to each customer as soon as possible.



With prices of cocoa, sugar, and other commodities rising, some chocolate companies have gone to great new lengths to assure large annual profits. In an effort to reduce costs, companies are now adding “air” to the recipe. You heard me right, AIR!!! Chocolate makers lower the amount of chocolate in each bar and bulk up the sweet treat with carbon dioxide while adding little to no additional cost.


Chocomize cares more about the quality of our personalized chocolate bars and pleasing our customers. It’s safe to say that we will never pump air into any of our chocolate bars in an attempt to reduce costs!



Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support as we continue to grow.