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30,000 Fans on Facebook

We are happy to announce that our Facebook page has recently hit 30,000 likes! That’s huge! And it’s thanks to all of you. As promised, we are offering our 30% of coupon code (Thanks30kFans), which expires on February, 25 2012 at 11:59pm PT.


Use this promotion to splurge on your favorite bars, explore new combinations and toppings, get your friend that bar you’ve promised but always ended up eating yourself, or create a special bar for someone special, just because.


We’d like to thank all of you thoughtful and loyal customers for your continued support. Keep spreading the word! Now, go forth andcreate.






The Chocomize Team

Where Have We Been?

Hey Chocomize Enthusiasts!


As you may have noticed, our presence in the blogosphere has been somewhat (very) sparse since the summer. You were probably all wondering where we went. In reality, we really didn’t go anywhere… except New York!


The past few months have been an adventure. Our latest and most exciting news is our change in location. We recently embarked on a mission to expand our production and send out more mouth-watering, rich chocolates to more customers – more quickly. We are now producing our fine custom chocolates in Long Island City, New York. Our office space is new and impressive, and renovations and design are still under way. The past few months have been a blur of expansion, moving equipment, and making our new nest here in New York. We are incredibly happy to be here and have received many warm welcomes from the New York Daily News, and were featured on ABC7. Kemberly Richardson really digs our chocolate.




NBC also recently set out to ask New Yorkers what their dream chocolate bar would be, and they seem excited to have us! Check out this video and you’ll also get a glimpse at our production.



Our new location is an impressive 5,500 square feet, almost four times as large as our previous location in New Jersey. More space means more delectable chocolate. Thanks to our new location and our expanding staff, we successfully fulfilled thousands of orders over the winter holidays and Valentine’s Day. We are coming along really well and enjoying our new location, and we’re excited to move forward and continue letting your chocolate imaginations run wild.