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Linking Nobel Peace Winners and Chocolate Consumption


So we all know that chocolate is good for you right?  Well Forbes recently wrote an article linking Nobel Peace winners and chocolate consumption.  The article contains sayings like “Chocolate consumption has been documented to improve cognitive function” and ”geniuses are more likley to eat chocolate”.  Gee geniuses, you really you think so :) .


The article has some great facts and research supporting it.  See it here: Link between Nobel Peace Winners and Chocolate Consumption


Nobel Peace Prize


Chocolate is not just good, it's good for you!

Below you will find a recent study published by Forbes showing the affects of dark and mild chocolate. This 10 year study revealed that men who ate at least a choclate bar a week were 17% less likely to have a stroke. These changes can mainly be attributed to the benficial affects of flavenoids.


Check out this great chocolate article here.


For a Good Cause!

chocomize team member rally

Our Chocomize team member Philip is currently traveling around Europe spreading the word of Chocomize through goodwill.   With a car and a dream, Philip and his team will travel over 10,000 miles through Europe and into Asia.  The initial descent across Europe starts off in Great Britain.  From Britain, the team will travel across Europe in nothing but a customized car until they reach Mongolia.  Of course, the customized car will be decked out with its sponsorships from Chocomize.  That’s right, Chocomize is now applying our customization skills to cars, well sort of J.


Along their Journey into the unknown, the team plans to raise money for the Lotus Childrens Centere Charitable Trust (a charity that is dedicated to improving education for children in Mongolia by providing schools).  Through tales of adventure the team hopes to stir up enough commotion to raise over 15,000 towards the charity.  Here is one of their quit humorous tales from Bukhara, the capital of Uzbekistan:

Driving along happily due to the good condition of the asphalt (this road would still be illegally dangerous in European countries), we got stopped by the police. And Michel made a huge mistake: he actually stopped. Apparently speeding in Usbekistan is like speeding in Austria. The cops randomly choose a speed limit, the speed they think you were going, and the fine. In our case,100 dollars. It actually took all of Michel’s negotiation skills to adjust the fine to one pack of Turkish candy and one pack of Azerbaijani cookies.”


Chocomize wishes Philip’s team the best and hope they achieve all they set out to do.  To check out the charity the donations are going to click here:



New Addition to the Creation Station

Hey Chocomize Fans,


We currently have a new addition to our creation station. Chocolate label plaques! Our new labels are made of decadent white chocolate with a neat inscription. We currently have a few in stock, including a Congratulations plaque and Class of 2012 (for all your graduating family members and friends). There is currently a poll on our Facebook page asking customers and fans what new plaque they’d like to see added to the creation station.


Cruise on over to our Facebook page and vote for your favorite! Current options include “Get Well!” “I’m sorry,” “Happy Father’s Day!” and, of course, Other. We would love to hear any suggestions you may have. Post it on our page! While you’re at it, check out our Favorites page and the newest additions from our Facebook “Create Your Own Bar” chocolatier competition: Up and at ‘Em, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Captain America bar, and the Sweet and Salty Utopia.



-The Chocomize Team

Win Free Chocolate in our Spring Chocolatier Competition!

We’re proud to say we have very creative customers. Since our launch, we have received millions of imaginative chocolate bar combination orders. We’re still pleasantly surprised to witness new combinations, and sometimes we get so excited that we give the combination a try for ourselves.

make your own chocolate bar competition

It’s your turn to shine, you chocolatier.


Anyone that’s ordered from our site knows that the combination possibilities seem almost infinite. However, we already know your creations are so carefully crafted – toppings complimenting toppings, sweet and salty converging, mouthwatering combinations – we believe it’s innovative art. And we’d like to see your best.


Part 1)

Until Friday, April 13th, visit our Facebook page and write your perfect combination on our wall. Give it a witty and fun name, too. Once your ingenious creation is published on our wall, encourage your friends to visit our Facebook page, like us, and like your chocolate bar on our wall. The more “likes” your bar gets, the closer it will get to the top 10. You can post more than one bar and ask your friends to like it but we will only pick one bar per person (the one with the most likes) for the top 10.

Part 2)

On April 13th 10am EST, we will choose the 10 creations with the most likes and they will be photographed and posted on our favorites page by the following Monday, where they will battle it out. You can use the ‘FB share’, ‘Twitter’, and ‘Google+’ functions on the product details page to create buzz for your chocolate bar, get your friends to find your bar, and LIKE it.


Share your custom chocolate


The contest will end on Monday, April 23rd, 10am EST. The most liked bar will be deemed “Choctastic” and earn a permanent spot on our “Favorites” page. The clever chocolatier will win perks that include free chocolate!


1st price: $100 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars

2nd price: $50 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars

3rd price: $25 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars