Battle of the Beards

As you know from our recent blog post about rowing superstar and Chocomize founder Nick LaCava, Chocomize is chocked full of athletes. This means that Chocomize employees thrive on a competitive environment. The sense of competition is great as it is a driving factor towards maintaining our preeminence as one of the most innovative, fun and exciting mass customization companies out today. The competition however is not just limited to making sure Chocomize is the coolest chocolate company out there, sometimes the competition is within the office. Those of you who filled out our recent survey saw hints of this when you were asked to tell us who was the most handsome Chocomizer… which coincidentally ended up being this particular blogger. For the next few weeks the competition heats up in a head to head showdown between summer associate Jim Brown and myself, Chocomize founder Eric Heinbockel.


Over the next few weeks you will be the judge in a competition governed by genetics, testosterone and most importantly will power. As mentioned earlier this is a head to head match up between Jim ‘baby face’ Brown and Eric “sweet cheeks” Heinbockel. The contestants shaved their beards last night in order to get a clean and even start. Each Tuesday the two contestants will check in with Chocomize Blog readers to update them on their beard growing capabilities via a collage of beard photographs. Each week readers will get the chance to vote on the best beard progress. At the end of the competition… when Jim cries uncle we will tally the votes and those who voted on the winning side will receive a discount code for their next Chocomize custom chocolate bar order.


So in a race matched in excitement and speed only by the growing grass I say let the beards begin!

Jim and Eric square off smiling for the last time as the cut throat battle begins.


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