Blizzard at Chocomize

The Blizzard at Chocomize

eric_snowAs we mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve been hit with a lot of snow lately. Last weekend we got around 27 inches and yesterday we received around 18 inches of snow. Four feet of snow in less than a week is a lot. This made for quite an adventure down at the chocolate factory (it’s not really a factory but we’ve read and watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory too much.)


Wednesday morning we were all on tenterhooks. We were alerted that the post office was going to close early because of the blizzard. As a result, we had a few precious hours to finish making the chocolate, pack it in the shipping boxes, and then give it to the USPS to be mailed out. We knew that if this storm was going to be anything like last weekend, we might get trapped inside our facility if we waited too long!


We wasted no time and quickly got to work. Although we were excited about the tremendous amount of orders that had come in the previous night, we were worried about the impending blizzard. As we started making the chocolate bars, the snow slowly began to fall. Eric took a quick break and peeked out the window. He came back looking a little stressed. He yelled to everyone working “it’s starting to pick up out there; hopefully we’ll make it in time!”


We had put a disclaimer on the website saying that everyone had to order by Wednesday morning if they wanted to get their chocolate by Valentine’s Day. We realized that people love to leave things for the last minute because as fast as me made the bars, the orders were coming in faster.


With two hours to go before our deadline, the snow really started to come down. At the same time, we got word that there was not going to be anyone plowing for that day. Leaving the orders unfinished was not an option. We couldn’t imagine facing the wrath of our customers if their boyfriend or girlfriend didn’t receive their custom chocolate bars in time. We decided we would stay until everything was finished, even if that meant we would get snowed in and have to spend the night at the chocolate factory!


For all our readers who aren’t in the mid-Atlantic region and did not experience the snow storm, you should know that the snow wasn’t the lightsnowfluffy kind. It was the heavy, wet, sticky snow that made it almost impossible to drive on or shovel away. With one hour to go and the snow really coming down fast, Fabian gave up all hope and started joking that being trapped wouldn’t be so bad, we would have all the chocolate we could ever want.


When we finished making all the chocolate bars, we had one more hurdle to leap: pack them up and send them to the post office. By this time, however, several inches of snow had fallen. We weren’t sure whether USPS would brave the conditions and come and pick up all our packages (too many for us to carry to the post office.) Luckily for everyone, however, they arrived just as we finished taping up the last box!


We quickly locked up our factory, shoveled the snow off our cars, and drove home. We had survived the Valentine Day rush and the massive blizzard! Fabian called a couple hours later and remarked that he did not see a single car on the road during the drive back home.


Hope everyone enjoys their custom chocolate bars. If you forgot to order in time, don’t forget about our e-gift certificates which make great Valentine’s Day gifts.