Personalized chocolate …?

Here at Chocomize, customizing ingredients in premium Belgian chocolate bars is what we love to do. We have had a lot of luck and a lot of fun building personalized chocolate bars for our customers, and we hope that it has been just as much fun designing and receiving your bars.

However, we’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our business and we were wondering the other day: what other forms could mass chocolate customization take? If people like to have their own tasty combinations of toppings and treats on their candy bars, then what other items in the chocolate world might people like to customize for their own preferences (or for chocolate gifts).

Since we like to keep our collective finger on the pulse of the chocolate industry, we have come up with a few options so far in our brainstorming:

chocolate_milk1. Customizable Chocolate Milk: Okay, you’re probably thinking, “Chocolate milk is chocolate milk. I can get it at any store. Why would I want to customize it?” Well, there are methods that people use, primarily available in Europe up until now, of melting chocolate into milk from what looks like a chocolate popsicle. The milk is heated and the chocolate melts of the end of the “popsicle” to flavor your (hot) chocolate milk with premium, high-quality chocolate. What we have in mind are things like: white chocolate milk with a slight orange aroma, or dark chocolate with raspberries. The kind of things that are more special than the same old stuff you find in supermarkets.


chocolate_truffles2. Customizable Chocolate Truffles: We’ve all (hopefully) tasted the deliciousness of a chocolate truffle. The sweet, succulent taste of the soft chocolate, often with a little something filling it in the middle. Now, imagine you get to choose what is in the middle of your chocolate truffle, what type of chocolate you want (dark, milk, or white), and even the shape of your truffle. There are probably even more things that people would like to specify. Before we think about all the details, though, we just wanted to run these ideas by you to see what you think.


Would you be interested? Do you have any other chocolate items that you would like to see us customize to your choosing one day? Please, let us know in the comments section here or on our Facebook page.



Poll Results – The new candidates!

Our ingredients poll has come to an end and we are excited to announce the winners. The top three ingredients are:

- Reese’s Pieces

- Rice Crispies

- Caramel Popcorn

We will try to get our hand on these ingredients asap so that the next time you make your own chocolate bar you can choose from even more options.

Here are the detailed results of the poll:

poll results


Thanks to everyone who voted. We hope you had a good time and your favorite made the selection. If not, maybe it helps that we will have our next ingredients poll up in a couple of months. In the meantime, you can think about other goodies that you would like to see on your future custom chocolate bars.


Official Ingredients poll

As we announced in our last post, we would like YOU to vote on your new favorite ingredients. We wrote together all of the viable options and are excited to see what the top 3 ingredients will be that will be added to our creation station next week!

New Ingredient Contest

A long time has passed since the last time we added new ingredients to the Creation Station. In the last contest, we (or better you!) found such awesome toppings as cookie dough, junior mints, and the ever-popular Kit Kats©. Over the past couple of weeks we have gathered all the new suggestions. Some of them were also suggested the last time but they did not make the top three like black licorice and rice krispies. Other toppings are completely new to us but sound absolutely delicious. And then, there are also some weird ones as always but you’ll see.

We are going to try and find the new candidates in two steps. First, we want to make sure that everyone had a fair chance of suggesting their favorite new topping. In addition to the suggestions below, use the comments box to make additional suggestions. We will go though all of them and see which ones we can realistically work with (soft caramel, for example, would be awesome but our tests showed that it would just mess us the entire cellophane bag so we had to decide against it). On Thursday, we will then post the official poll where you actually get to vote on your favorites.

We are excited and can’t wait to sample all of the suggestions!

Here are the ones we have so far:


ricecrispies Rice Crispies




smores ballsS’mores










 diced applesDiced apples




fennel Fennel









fruitloopsFruit loops




taleggio cheeseTaleggio cheese (seriously?)






licorice2 Black Licorice




caramelpopcornCaramel popcorn




chaipowderChai powder




bee pollen granulesBee pollen granules








Tommy Lee Tweets about Chocomize


The craze over customizable premium chocolate bars has reached many different places since our founding a little while back. We have received letters from the President, have been featured in many media outlets, and have seen our following expand all across the country and internationally.

Now, we even have a rock star to count among the fans of our chocolate bars. Tommy Lee, the drummer for Motley Crue and succesful DJ recently stumbled upon our operation and was moved to share it with his 88,000 followers on Twitter as well as his 99,000 friends on Facebook.


Since our company is a family-friendly one, we’ll refrain from posting exactly what he said (rock stars have a tendency to use some colorful language), but we tweeted back to him and ended up sending him a few rocking chocolate bars.


  • The Tommy Lee Challenge: Dark Chocolate with Beef Jerky
  • Sweet and Salty:Milk Chocolate with Real Bacon and Mini Pretzels
  • Potato Chips Reinvented: Milk Chocolate with Potato Chips
  • Cookie Bar
  • That’s Nuts
  • The bling bar: Dark Chocolate with 23 Karat Gold Flakes


Mr. Lee has said that he received the chocolate bars and enjoyed them very much (again, in his own special language). We’re happy we can count him among our fans, and if you know any other famous rock stars that you think might be in the market for a few tasty custom chocolate bars, be sure to send them our way.