Tomorrow: Chocomize on The View

the view logoFor those of you who have been following the evolution of Chocomize (or who have looked at our press page recently), you’ll know that we have been very fortunate in getting exposure in a lot of great outlets.  From The New York Times to The Today Show to Good Morning America and most recently in Good Housekeeping, Chocomize has been mentioned, featured, or discussed in some of the most visible and respected places in the media.


Tomorrow morning, in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, the ladies of The View will have Chocomize bars in hand for their crowd and will tell their viewers about the ability to customize premium chocolate bars as a gift for the big day.  Make sure to tune in to ABC tomorrow at 11:00 AM Eastern Time to see it.


Also, don’t forget that 12:00 Midnight on February 10th is the deadline for orders to be placed to guarantee delivery in time for Valentine’s Day. So head over to our Creation Station and make your own chocolate bar for your Valentine!

Chocomize Now Available at West Side Market

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It’s been well documented that the founding fathers of Chocomize are among the sweetest alumni of Columbia University in New York City, having met and discussed starting a business while classmates in Morningside Heights.  Now, one of the favorite spots around campus among students is carrying two different varieties of Chocomize chocolate bars.


Our popular Smores Bar and seasonal Valentine’s Day packaged bars are now on sale at the 110th Street location of West Side Market.  So whether you are a student at Columbia, a regular visitor to the neighborhood, or just find yourself on Broadway uptown with a hunger for some premium chocolate with delicious combinations of toppings, you can easily stop by the market and satisfy your craving.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar

valentines day chocoaltge bar

milk valentines day bar

Check out our favorites page to see our two new Valentine’s Day themed chocolate bars. Our ‘Dark Indulgence’ bar is dark chocolate with 23 karat gold flakes, dried cranberries, Happy Valentine’s Day plaque, crystallized rose petals, and a red chocolate heart. Talk about delicious! Our ‘Tasty Temptation’ bar is milk chocolate with raspberries, crunchy almond croquent, Happy Valentine’s Day plaque, and a romance heart. These two bars were extensively taste tested by the partners at Chocomize (best part about owning a chocolate company) and believe me, they are going to put a smile on anyone who is lucky enough to get them for Valentine’s Day.

Feeling creative? We have also added a bunch of new Valentine’s Day themed ingredients which can be found in our decoration section in the creation station. We have an edible plaque that says “Happy Valentine’s Day’, message hearts, chocolate strawberry hearts, chocolate love tiles, and chocolate romance hearts.

Don’t see something that you want? Send us an e-mail with your suggestion and we’ll try to get it on our website before Valentine’s Day is over!




Valentine's Day Trivia

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! It’s making Eric feel lonely (he doesn’t have a girlfriend) and I caught him reading about the holiday online. It turns out there are a lot of interesting facts about the holiday. Hopefully you’ll find some of them interesting, here it goes!


-15% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day (it’s ok, Eric does the same thing every year, although he claims it’s Kristen Stewart…)

-Around 1 billion Christmas cards are sent every year for Valentine’s Day!

-3% of pet owners will give their pets Valentine’s Day gifts…

-In three days, over 100 million roses will be sold for Valentine’s Day.

-Teachers receive more Valentine’s Day card than anyone else.

-50%  of Valentine’s Day cards are bought in the week leading up to February 14th, people love to procrastinate!

-There are over 1200 chocolate factors, 21,000 florists, and 30,000 jewelry stores in the United States.

-73% of the people who buy flowers are men (including Eric sending them to himself.)

-California produces 60% of all roses sold in the US, the rest usually come from South America.

-85% of Valentine cards are purchased by woman.

-Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Australia, and Denmark

Have any other fun facts about Valentine’s Day? Let us know!





Press Release January 2011

After one year in the custom chocolate business, Chocomize is growing faster than ever:

- New website and increased workforce to meet higher volumes

- Strategic alliance with

Cherry Hill, January 2011. After Chocomize’s first anniversary, founders Eric Heinbockel, Nicholas LaCava, and Fabian Kaempfer look back on a very successful year. The business concept was well received by customers and the demand for custom-created chocolate bars is growing rapidly. As a result, the company has expanded its production capacities and will launch a new website that will sustain the increased traffic.

With increasing coverage from media outlets such as the Oprah magazine,, Good Morning America, and the New York Times, the concept of Chocomize’s create-your-own chocolate bars is spreading rapidly throughout the US and Canada. “With increased awareness comes increased traffic on our website” says Eric Heinbockel. “We wanted to make the website cleaner and more user friendly, while at the same time optimizing the load time and order management system,” he continues. These changes were necessary to keep up with the ever-increasing number of orders, the founders say. In addition to making changes to the front end to be able to receive more orders, Chocomize also had to adjust their production capabilities in order to process the orders. The company has increased its full time staff and has purchased additional equipment to guarantee a fast turnaround time. “The Christmas season was proof that Chocomize can meet rapidly growing demand” Fabian Kaempfer explains. “Even orders that were received several days after the cut-off date made it to our customers in time for Christmas and no one had to show up for Christmas empty handed.” Now that the changes have proven successful the founders have confidence that there will be no limit to the company’s growth and success.

Strategic alliance with

With the dawn of a new year the Chocomize founders are looking forward to many new and exciting opportunities. In pursuit of these opportunities Chocomize, the largest create-your-own chocolate company in the US, has entered into a strategic alliance with is the number one custom chocolate company in Switzerland and one of the biggest players in the European market. Both companies want to identify and develop collective potential in the global marketplace. Furthermore, both companies intend to inspire each other in the areas Social media and Operations. Nick LaCava explains: “Myswisschocolate is the perfect strategic partner for us. Both of our companies are extremely successful in their respective markets and we share the same beliefs and values. The Swiss chocolate guys realize the importance of good customer service just as much as we do and we are looking forward to an exciting business relationship with them.”


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Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Contact person: Eric Heinbockel