Giving to Afghanistan

Giving to Troops in Afghanistan

We recently heard about a program to support our troops in Afghanistan. This program came about when Kimberlee, who is deployed to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, had a chocolate craving but could not find any chocolate at the airbase. With over 21,000 troops deployed to Bagram Airfrield in Afghanistan she realized that she could not have been the only one to have a chocolate craving but not be able to find any chocolate. She decided to start a program through a private organization called the top three. She is trying to organize people to donate chocolate to troops in Afghanistan. As soon as we at Chocomize heard about this idea, we immediatly decided to donate some of our chocolate. Here are some pictures of Eric packing one of our boxes to send to Afghanistan:


customized chocolate bars


customized choclate bars2


If you want to donate chocolate as well, contact us at to get more details. We are always looking for new ways and ideas to give back, check out our charities that we support and make a donation through Chocomize today!