Holiday Gifts

Fathers Day is Just Around the Corner!

Does your dad love mouth watering chocolate? If so, we’ve got two great new favorite bars made specially in mind for Dads everywhere.


• Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Raisins, and Caramel Pieces

• Milk Chocolate with Banana Chips, Butter Toasted Peanuts, and Kit Kat Bars


Both bars feature our, “Happy Father’s Day” plaque, but if you’d prefer to make your own, the plaque is still available as a limited time topping in our creation station.


In addition, remember to check out our new Hot Chocolate on a Spoon available in three great flavors, which can be found in the Favorites Page.


From the Chocomize Headquarters, we wish everyone  a Happy and safe Father’s Day!


Holiday Gifts

The holidays are approaching; it’s that time of year again. As great as the holiday season can be, it can also be incredibly stressful. Trying to figure out and plan all your presents can take the fun out of anyone’s holiday. Whether it’s waiting in long lines at stores on the weekends or just trying to find the perfect gift, this time of year can quickly turn into a nuisance, or worse. Well at Chocomize, we can solve all your holiday gift giving dilemmas. Our custom chocolate bars make a unique and delicious gift that’s guaranteed to please anyone and everyone. On top of that we are affordable on any budget, offer quick turnaround, and have great customer service (call us at 856-375-2041 if you don’t believe us.) If you’re looking for that perfect gift this holiday, read below to get some great ideas, or visit our creation station to make the perfect custom chocolate bar.

Christmas Gift: Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? We have some great ingredients and toppings to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. Check out our Christmas tree toppings. They have a great fruity taste, and their white and green colors give any custom chocolate bar that special holiday feel.

Fancy Gift: Trying to impress that special someone this holiday season? Check out our edible gold, rose petals, and chocolate butterflies. The ingredients combined make for a beautiful display that is sure to look great.

Corporate Gift: We are very popular for businesses that are looking to give something to their clients to thank them. Get in touch with us about custom designing their own chocolate bar for their business.

Fun Gift: Looking to give something really unique and fun? Try one of our more adventurous ingredients in your next custom chocolate bar. A popular favorite is bacon (check out our previous blog about bacon) but we also have a lot of other fun and interesting ingredients such as peppers, pop rocks, or cheerios.

Favorites: If you are absolutely stuck and can’t figure out what to give as a gift, check out our favorites section for some of our most popular custom chocolate bars!

Take the stress out of this holiday season with a custom chocolate bar gift! Perfect for anyone.


Chocomize Team