Ingredient of the week

Ingredient of the Week: Vegetarian Bacon

vegetarian_baconWe have recently added a couple new ingredients for our adventurous customers. For those people who want to try something new for their personalized chocolate bars, they should check out our tasty beef jerky. Our bacon was so popular that we decided to branch out to another type of meat, and so far it’s been a big hit! We actually just removed bacon from the list of ingredients because we want to work on figuring out the perfect way to combine bacon to our custom candy bars. We know we have a lot of adventurous customers who are also vegetarians, and so we decided to add a new ingredient: vegetarian bacon.

I know that ‘vegetarian bacon’ sounds like an oxymoron, but ‘vegetarian bacon’ isn’t made from bacon at all. Made from soy, it tastes just like real bacon but doesn’t contain the fat, cholesterol, or nitrates of real bacon. So if you like having the bitter sweet taste for your custom chocolate bar, give our vegetarian bacon a try!

Ingredient of the Week: Lavender


Lavender is the ingredient of the week. This was the second most requested ingredient from the contest we had a couple weeks back (check out our previous blog posting for more information.) You guys really know how to pick them! It took us a while to find the perfect type of lavender (ours is nicknamed the ‘ultra’ lavender) but we finally settled on a delicious type called ‘English lavender.’

The name is actually deceiving; although it is called ‘English’ lavender, it is actually cultivated in France. Lavender is used for many things other than eating. Its scent makes it extremely popular for potpourri, and is also used in many bath soaps and shampoos. It was traditionally though to help cure depression and assist in falling asleep. We aren’t doctors at Chocomize, but just the smell of lavender being mixed with chocolate is enough to put me in a good mood!

Lavender is probably one of the most unique ingredients we’ve ever added at Chocomize. We think that all our ingredients taste great in chocolate, but lavender is the first ingredient that I can think of that actually has a distinctive and pleasant smell to it. And although it might be a somewhat strange claim to make, I think we can say that not only do we have the best tasting and best looking chocolate bars, we now have the best smelling ones!

Keep giving us suggestions! The only way we can improve our list of ingredients is with your help. Have an idea for an improvement? Write a comment on our blog or send us an e-mail to


Ingredient of the Week: Raspberries


The results are in; raspberries far and away won the contest for ingredients that should be added to our website. So of course they are featured as our ‘ingredient of the week!’ It’s a good thing that we listen to you guys, because the raspberries taste absolutely DELICIOUS in chocolate (I recommend dark chocolate.)

We had over forty people vote for their favorite ingredients. The top three were raspberries, lavender, and chocolate nibs. We didn’t add these ingredients right away because we needed time to find the highest quality ingredients possible. We put only premium ingredients on our website and wanted to make sure that we had found the best of the best.

As far as the raspberries are concerned, I would say: mission accomplished. They don’t just taste great, they are healthy as well! Raspberries are known to have some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit. As we always say, we aren’t doctors here at Chocomize, but we can say for sure that you’re going to love the taste of these raspberries in your custom chocolate bar.

Stay tuned for when we add lavender and chocolate nibs to our website! As always, give us more suggestions for ingredients. We will be starting another contest soon with ten of the best ingredients that have been recommended to us recently.



The Next Big Thing In Chocolate!



These days’ people are looking for something a little more exotic in their chocolate. Chocomize has seen this first hand with the wild popularity of bacon, cayenne pepper and other ingredients you don’t traditionally associate with chocolate. The brilliant minds of the Chocomize research team have spent countless man-hours thinking ahead of the curve to find the next big thing in chocolate, and we think we have done it! Chocomize has recently teamed up with another young, innovative mass customization company that has revolutionized the market for our new ingredient. As the first mass customization chocolate company, Chocomize continues to lead the way with our new collaboration. Obviously we are very excited about this new ingredient and though for now it is top secret we want the faithful Chocomize fans to take a stab at what this mysterious new ingredient may be. If you get it right we will send you one of the first bars with this new ingredient! Guess away.







Ingredient of the week: Pop Rocks


This week’s featured ingredient is the popular candy pop rocks! People are always shocked that we offer this ingredient, and it is definitely one of the most popular. For those of you who don’t know, pop rocks are a hard candy that creates a fizzy sensation in your mouth when you eat then, hence the ‘pop’. Amazingly, this will work even in our chocolate! Here are some interesting facts about pop rocks:


-They were first invented and patented in 1956 but weren’t actually sold to the public until 1975.

-There is a popular urban myth that if you eat pop rocks with carbonated soda, your stomach would explode. This is of course not true (I actually tried this on a bet from Fabian and Eric and remained unharmed enough to write this blog post.)

-The ‘pop’ sensation that you get when you eat them is created from pressurized carbon dioxide gas (same thing that is in soda.) When making the candy, they pressurize the rocks to 600 pounds per square inch to make sure that they explode in your mouth.

Let us know if you have any more additions for our list of ingredients. And as always, let us know what ingredient you think we should feature for the ‘ingredient of the week.’