Ingredient of the week

Ingredient of the week: Gushers

strawberry_gushersYou don’t need a special holiday like Valentine’s Day to order the perfect custom chocolate bar. Our chocolate bars are good for any occasion or no occasion at all! If you’ve been surfing around our website lately you’ll have noticed that we have removed the Valentine’s Day ingredients bar. We’ll post special tabs throughout the year when certain holidays arise (I think the next one will be Easter, just to give you an early warning.)

For now, however, if you want to get a great recommendations on what ingredients will make your custom chocolate bar perfect, keep reading our ‘ingredient of the week’ postings. This week’s winner is our strawberry gushers.

 Most of the ingredients that we feature in this weekly post are recommendations from customer requests. Although we have recently added a bunch of new ingredients thanks to some great ideas from our fans, (check out the potato chips, they are a surprisingly great addition to chocolate) the idea for strawberry gushers was all Nick’s. Fabian and Nick were shopping for groceries in the local supermarket when Nick came across a box of gushers. He immediately grabbed them from the shelves and told Fabian that we needed to add this to our list. Fabian had never even heard of gushers (those Germans are so funny sometimes) but after one try he needed no more convincing from Nick.

Gushers actually have some nutritional benefit to them. They are high in vitamin C and very low in fat. It is worth noting that they do contain a high amount of sugar, so the health effects aren’t all positive. We recommend gushers to those chocoholics with a sweet tooth. They go great with milk chocolate and have a soft chewy texture that makes it very easy to bite into. Personally, I would go with milk chocolate, chocolate candy pieces, and gushers. Simple, yet extremely tasty.


Thanks again to everyone who wrote in with suggestions for ingredients this week. We apologize for Nick being so greedy and posting his addition as the ingredient of week, but he is seriously obsessed with gushers. Contact us with questions and ideas at

Ingredient of the week: Valentine's Day ingredients

For today, we will rename the ‘ingredient of the week’ blog title to ‘really awesome and special VALENTINE’S DAY TOPPINGS FROM SWITZERLAND!!!!!’. It’s pretty long so we probably won’t mention it again. But in case you couldn’t figure it out, we are pretty excited about the new items we have recently gotten (did we mention they are from Switzerland?) We have a whole tab exclusively for ingredients we think would go great on your Valentine’s Day custom chocolate bar, and this post is going to talk about the four most recent ones we’ve added.

happy_valentine_plaque The first, and probably our favorite, topping we’ve added is the plaque that says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. This plaque is made out of dark chocolate and is completely edible (and very tasty.) Specially designed just for Valentine’s Day, thithank_you_hearts addition really sets your custom chocolate bar apart from all others (and really gets the message across.)

The second ingredient we added is a heart (a little over the size of an inch) that has ‘thank you’ written on it. We added this to the Valentine’s Day tab because we feel that ‘thank you’ is a good message for Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a friend, family member, or special someone, saying thank you is always appreciated (especially when it is accompanied by a delicious chocolate bar.) A lot of people deliver the message of love on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes a simple Thank You can go a long way. We really recommend this ingredient to separate your Valentine’s Day gift from others.

i_love_you_heart The third ingredient we are featuring is a large heart (again a little bigger than an inch) that has ‘I love you’ written on it. This heart is great not only because of what it says, but also the detail that it has. Whether it’s the smaller hearts in the left hand corner, the border framing the heart, or the beautiful script of the message, this topping looks very classy. It also tastes delicious!

The fourth and final ingredient we added is a large chocolate heart with smaller pink hearts onvalentine_heart top of it. Whereas the other two hearts we have featured on this blog create a really classy look to your custom chocolate bar, this large heart definitely adds a lighter and more fun feel to your chocolate bar. If you’re looking for some other toppings to combine it with, we recommend you try the Sweetheart message hearts which we think also have a lighter feel to them.

Chocolate has always been given as a gift on Valentine’s Day. When you combine the high quality chocolate we import from Belgium with the premium ingredients we’ve imported from Switzerland, you get a chocolate bar that goes above and beyond anything you’ve had in the past. And that is what we are about at Chocomize. Giving you the opportunity to create something you can’t get anywhere else. We’re really excited about these new additions, and we hope you’ll give them a try!

Ingredient of the week: Message Hearts

message_heartsAs Chocomize begins to gear up for Valentine’s Day, we are constantly adding new ingredients that fit with the holiday. Over the next couple of weeks, the ingredient of the week will be something related to Valentine’s Day and will be found in the new Valentine’s Day section (check out our creation station if you aren’t sure what we’re talking about.) This week’s featured ingredient is the always popular sweetheart message hearts!


For those of you who don’t know (which we’re pretty sure is impossible) message hearts are a delicious sugar candy made into the shape of a heart. So what do they say? Well these hearts have a bunch of different short messages, all related to something romantic. Personally, my favorite message is ‘lets kiss’, but Fabian was looking pretty sad this morning so I made him a small chocolate bar and placed a heart that said ‘sun shine’ on it. That cheered him up (although it could have just been the delicious chocolate.) No matter what message you end up getting (we try to get them all on your bar) these message hearts really make that custom chocolate bar a great Valentine’s Day gift. So instead of just giving someone a boring ol’ box of hearts, make sure you give them a Chocomize bar, the perfect custom chocolate bar (hmm maybe we should trademark that?)

Ingredient of the week: Graham Cracker

It’s that time of the week again. We’ve had a lot of great recommendations recently, but our favorite has been the request for graham crackers. We tried them in our chocolate and we added both regular graham crackers and teddy graham crackers!


graham_crackersgraham_teddies We aren’t sure why we didn’t think of this before. It seems so obvious, especially when we’ve been eating snacks like smores all our life.And that brings me to some more additions we’ve made to the website.







We’ve added a smores bar to the favorites section. Milk chocolate, marshmallows, and teddy graham crackers, it might be the best bar we’ve ever made.

Although the chocolate doesn’t come pre-melted (at least we hope it doesn’t) it will definitely remind you of all those times you sat by the campfire melting marshmallows. The good thing about this bar is that it isn’t as messy as eating a real smore (we saw Eric eating a smore once, we’re pretty sure most of it ended up on his face instead of his mouth.)












Thanks for all the weeks suggestions! If you have anymore, don’t hesitate to let us know at

Ingredient of the week: Happy Birthday Plaques

It’s time for the ingredient of the week! This blog post has been a little delayed. Things have been pretty busy over in Chocomize land. We’ve been getting a lot of orders (thanks to all our customers!) and had a lot of great responses to the customer survey we sent out last week. In addition, Chocomize has been getting a ton of press lately both on and off the internet. To find out more about this, check out our past blog posts or check out our press page.


So this week’s featured ingredient is actually more of a topping. It is our happy birthday plaques! Our custom chocolate bars are extremely popular for gifts (we definitely have solved your Valentine’s Day problem) especially birthday gifts. We’ve featured other great birthday items in the ingredient of the week, like our candle holder, but we’re proud to say that the happy birthday plaques our definitely our favorite.


As you can see in the picture, our happy birthday plaques are written on a white background. They are completely edible (we don’t put anything on our bars that aren’t) and are made out of an always popular and tasty substance: sugar.

If you’re looking to make and give a custom chocolate bar to someone for their birthday we definitely recommend our happy birthday plaques. We think they go well with our candle holders, but if you’re looking to make a festive bar (a birthday is always a good time to celebrate no matter how old you are turning) we recommend you add sprinkles.

Thanks as always to people who keep sending in suggestions for us to add to our list of ingredients. Coming soon is going to be a Valentine’s Day tab where we feature new and special ingredients great Valentine’s Day bars (think I love you plaques, hearts, Happy Valentine’s Day plaques, etc.) Stay tuned for updates and as always if you have any questions or comments you can reach us at