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Meet the Chocomize Team – Leyda Hernandez, Director of Marketing Communications

Leyda Hernandez - Director of Marketing Communications Chocomize

Leyda Hernandez, Director of Marketing Communications

Leyda is from South Florida and joined the team in May 2013.  Leyda establishes and drives the company’s strategic internal and external communications strategies ensuring that campaigns and programs are aimed at reaching B2C and B2B sales targets and increasing brand and product visibility. Leyda believes in omnichannel marketing efforts and has experience in digital marketing, social media, and public relations.

What did you do before joining Chocomize?

I did marketing for an e-commerce company in South Florida.

What school did you attend? What area of study?

I have a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University (WVU IMC).  I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Florida State University with a Minor in Psychology.

Three fun facts:

I can’t touch my toes

I lived in Valencia, Spain in 2009

I started college when I was 16

What’s your favorite thing about working at Chocomize?

I work with an awesome team on projects that directly impact the company. I see the value of my work every day. We are positioning the company for future growth and everything we do is very fast-paced and dynamic.

Best experience at Chocomize so far?

A few days before Father’s Day, we were featured on the Elvis Duran morning show’s #WhatsTrending section. I woke up to texts from friends in several different states saying that they had heard us mentioned on the radio.

What’s your favorite Chocomize bar?

I have two. The Cookie bar (white chocolate, oreo pieces, and cookie dough bites) and a custom white chocolate bar with pistachios, cranberries, and pecans.


Leyda’s Social Links: Twitter | LinkedIn

David Freedman: A Summer Addition to the Chocomize Crew

Chocomize would like to welcome the newest summer intern to the hardest-working team in customizable candy websites.  I’m a senior at Pace University majoring in Finance, and a veteran chocolate-eater. In my free time, I like playing sports outside, traveling, and eating. On my first day I already tried the milk, dark, and white chocolate bars, but can’t wait to taste all of the 300 million combinations. I’m excited for a great summer with Chocomize and look forward to contributing to Chocomize’s growing success.


An Autumn Addition to the Chocomize Crew

daveAs the summer draws to an end and the kiddies all go back to school Chocomize would like to welcome the newest addition to the hardest-working team in customizable candy websites.  Dave Mulhern is an alumnus of the Columbia University Lightweight Crew Team, and an experienced chocolate-eater.   While here at Chocomize, Dave will be inheriting “The View From Candyland” and other writing responsibilities from known plagiarist Jim Brown, who clearly stole that blog’s title from the name of Dave’s sports blog “The View From Broad Street.”  In his free time, Dave likes to obsess over the successes and failures of Philadelphia sports teams.  Especially the Phillies—who just moved into first place in the division, thank you very much.





Battle of the Beards

As you know from our recent blog post about rowing superstar and Chocomize founder Nick LaCava, Chocomize is chocked full of athletes. This means that Chocomize employees thrive on a competitive environment. The sense of competition is great as it is a driving factor towards maintaining our preeminence as one of the most innovative, fun and exciting mass customization companies out today. The competition however is not just limited to making sure Chocomize is the coolest chocolate company out there, sometimes the competition is within the office. Those of you who filled out our recent survey saw hints of this when you were asked to tell us who was the most handsome Chocomizer… which coincidentally ended up being this particular blogger. For the next few weeks the competition heats up in a head to head showdown between summer associate Jim Brown and myself, Chocomize founder Eric Heinbockel.


Over the next few weeks you will be the judge in a competition governed by genetics, testosterone and most importantly will power. As mentioned earlier this is a head to head match up between Jim ‘baby face’ Brown and Eric “sweet cheeks” Heinbockel. The contestants shaved their beards last night in order to get a clean and even start. Each Tuesday the two contestants will check in with Chocomize Blog readers to update them on their beard growing capabilities via a collage of beard photographs. Each week readers will get the chance to vote on the best beard progress. At the end of the competition… when Jim cries uncle we will tally the votes and those who voted on the winning side will receive a discount code for their next Chocomize custom chocolate bar order.


So in a race matched in excitement and speed only by the growing grass I say let the beards begin!

Jim and Eric square off smiling for the last time as the cut throat battle begins.


Chocolate the next Gatorade?

While we don’t plan on marketing Chocomize as the next big sports food, custom chocolate certainly seems to be fueling Chocomize founding partner Nick’s rowing career. Next week Nick heads off to Switzerland for the final leg of the Rowing World Cup series in Lucerne. Nick originally picked up rowing on the Saugatuck River in his hometown of Weston, Ct while still in middle school. He continued to develop his talent at Phillips Exeter Academy and then Columbia University where he was the team captain his senior year. Nick’s impressive career continues as he races in his second year of international competition. As you may recall Nick represented the United States last year at the Rowing World Championships in Poznan Poland.


Nick has been working hard, balancing his training and his role as partner at Chocomize. Nick hopes to return to the Rowing World Championships this fall in New Zealand with his eye fixed firmly on the 2012 Olympics in London.  Between partners, interns and chocolate makers the Chocomize team is host to 8 rowers including Olympians Sam Stitt and Beijing Bronze Medal winner Steve Copolla… perhaps we should put together our own team? We wish Chocomizers Nick, Jimmy, Anthony, Sam and Steve the best of luck in Lucerne… perhaps they will even convert some Swiss chocolatiers into Chocomize fans!

Collect them all! Check out Nick’s US Rowing limited edition rookie trading card below.