Yearbook Awards

Yearbook Awards


Eric and I were going through our high school yearbooks, looking at the superlative section when Fabian asked us what we were doing. He didn’t know that high schools had yearbooks; his in Germany never produced one! We decided that this was the perfect time to make our own ‘Chocomize’ yearbook so that Fabian wouldn’t feel left out. The following is a list of some superlatives we’ve come up with for our Chocomize bars. All of these bars are actually ones that people have ordered as well. If you can think of anything to add, let us know.



-Most romantic: Romance Bar- Dark chocolate, gold flakes, chocolate butterfly, rose petals, strawberries.

-Best sense of humor: Milk chocolate with bacon and chipotles as a wedding favor (weirdest order yet.)

-Most popular: Smores Bar- Milk chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows.

-Most likely to succeed: Dark chocolate with plaque that says “will you marry me?” (who would ever say no to this.)

-Most likely to fail: Milk chocolate with bacon, mini chipotles, sour patch kids, pop rocks, potato chips.

-Most likely to become president: Dark chocolate with almonds, pistachios (the bar we sent to Barack Obama.)

-The early bird: Dark chocolate with ground coffee, whole coffee beans.

-Most attractive: Dark chocolate with sliced almonds, blueberries, goji berries, candied violet petals.

-Most fun: Milk chocolate with pop rocks, gummi bears, chocolate candy.

-Most retro: Milk chocolate with good & plenty, gushers, pop rocks, message hearts.

-Most extravagant: White chocolate with 23 karat gold flakes, rose petals, chocolate butterfly.

-Hottest: Dark chocolate with chipotles, peppercorns, wasabi peas, cayenne pepper.

-Most likely to be remembered: Milk chocolate with bacon.

-Most likely to seduce: Valentine’s Day Bar – Crystallized rose petals, candy sugar hearts, message hearts, happy valentine plaque.

-Most likely to be famous in 10 years: Candy Bar- Milk chocolate with gummi bears, chocolate candy, nerds.

-Coolest: Summer chocolate bar- White chocolate, chocolate candy, toffee.

-Most likely to be inhaled by your kids: Milk chocolate with gummi bears, candied rose petals, sour patch kids,  pop rocks.

-Most likely to cure a disease: goji berries, flax seeds, cranberries.


Thanks to all our customers who ordered these bars and helped put the list together. Let me know if you guys can think of anything else to add!