Chocolate Bonds

bonds1Everyone knows that the economy is doing poorly right now. What should you do with your money? Stocks are risky and keeping your money in the bank isn’t going to make you rich. How about investing in chocolate!

Normally we wouldn’t promote any of our competitors (we’re just a lot classier than say Godiva who talks about us all the time on their blog) but a British chocolate company has grabbed our attention. The British chocolate company, Hotel Chocolat, is trying to raise money for their company. Typically a company will issue a bond that will pay a certain interest every year. This chocolate company, however, is trying to pay its investors back in chocolate. People who buy these ‘chocolate bonds’ will receive a lot of chocolate every year instead of plain old boring money.

We thought this was a pretty good idea, although we aren’t about to start offering chocolate bonds. If you do want to receive a bunch of custom chocolate bars every month, however, you can check out our chocolate of the month club. It’s a much cheaper way to receive delicious chocolate annually (the chocolate bonds run around $5000 dollars.)

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