Chocomize and Chocolate Bark

Some of the people who come across our website aren’t looking specifically for chocolate bars, but for something called chocolate bark. Now Eric and I have thankyoubeen enjoying chocolate bark all our lives. My family always has a couple tins of chocolate bark lying around, especially around Christmas time, and Eric claims that his family gets some from his cousins every year as a present. We didn’t realize right away that people who like to eat chocolate bark would also love our personalized chocolate bars, but the two are actually quite similar.

So what is chocolate bark? It is usually some sort of homemade chocolate with different types of ingredients sprinkled on top. Because chocolate bark is typically made from home, it tends to be a bit misshapen and resembles something like fallen tree bark (hence the name.) The ingredients vary (I always had something like peanuts or walnuts) but usually they are something that would be found in anyone’s pantry.

There are a lot of similarities between our custom chocolate bars and chocolate bark. Perhaps the most obvious one is that both have the ingredients on top of the chocolate rather than mixed throughout. We have our ingredients on top because we think it tastes and looks better that way. Another similarity is the variety of ingredients that you find in chocolate bark. We boast over 90 different ingredients ranging from the usual nuts and fruits to the unusual like 23 karat gold flakes, happy birthday plaques, candied rose petals, etc. (for a full list check out our CREATION STATION.)

So for those chocolate bark fans out there, design your own personalized chocolate bar instead of eating the same old boring chocolate. I know that this Christmas season we won’t be eating chocolate bark anymore but some custom chocolate bars from Chocomize!


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