Chocomize and Slantshack Jerky

slantshack jerkyChocomize is proud to announce that it has upgraded its beef jerky. We are now using Slantshack Jerky! Slantshack was started by fellow Columbia alumni who had a strong passion for both beef jerky and co-creation. They developed some of the tastiest jerky in America. It was so good that Maxim named it one of the top ten jerkies in America. If we thought chocolate and beef jerky was a good idea before we teamed up with these guys, well we’re sure of it now!

In addition to making insanely good beef jerky, Slantshak is also a co-creation company like us. Here’s how they work: You first select the portion size. Then you can choose whether you want regular or grass fed beef. Next you can choose the marinade, rub, and glaze. Their rubs have all been developed in house and contain some great names like ‘Jerk McGurk’s Wild Rubdown’ and ‘Smoky Sanche’s Dusty Trail.’ So if you like being able to create your own chocolate bars, you’re definitely going to love creating your own beef jerky. Check them out at

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