Chocomize and the World Cup

us flagEveryone at Chocomize is obsessed with the World Cup. You’ve probably seen our ads on the side of the fields. Actually it was a big german flagdecision to decide which team we would sponsor, Germany or the United States. Fabian (the resident German) is obviously a big fan of the German team, but he’s pretty outnumbered by Eric and I, as well as everyone else we have working at Chocomize.

Unfortunately the US was knocked out of the tournament two days ago, and unfortunately we don’t actually have ads at the world cup (give us a break we’ve been up and running for less than a year.) Hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the world hears about our delicious custom chocolate bars.

We should probably start rooting for Germany along with Fabian, but it’s kind of fun rooting against his favorite team so the verdict is still out on who Chocomize is going to officially support (you can probably tell this isn’t Fabian writing this blog post.) Who do you guys think we should support?


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