Chocomize at NSR III

rowing_1A lot of the people working and running Chocomize are rowers. Today was the first day of the National Selection Regatta (NSR.) The NSR is a regatta that qualifies rowers to make the United States National team. Rowers come from all over the country to race in Princeton, NJ with the hope of trying to represent the US at the upcoming world championships in New Zealand this fall.

Chocomize was in full force today at the regatta, with four of its chocolatiers racing. Today was the preliminary racing. Sam Stitt  (the tall guy in the middle) placed 7th in the men’s heavyweight pair, while Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden (the two handsome gentleman to his left and right) placed 2nd and Will Daly and Jimmy Sopko (the scrawny looking guys on the ends) placed 1st in the men’s lightweight pair. Although Will doesn’t work at Chocomize (yet) he was willing to sport a unisuit with our logo on it.


rowing_2To get ready for the big race, Sam Stitt designed a pretty formidable handlebar mustache which is definitely worth a shot out on this blog. Hopefully he’ll have shaved it off by the time he comes into work, we don’t want him scaring any of our female employees!


You’ll notice on the back of the rowing jerseys there is the Chocomize logo. We’re all big fans of rowing over here at the factory and think it’s great that we can have a presence at the NSR. We make sure to keep all the rowers well supplied when it comes to chocolate, and our bars are always a big hit when we show up with a box at practice.


More updates will come as the racing continues!



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