Chocomize goes to Harvard


chocomize harvardOn October 25 Chocomize founders Eric Heinbockel and Fabian Kaempfer headed up to Boston to visit Harvard Business School for a presentation and discussion regarding Chocomize’s operations and growth. Eric and Fabian attended two Technology and Operations Management classes, each with 90 first year MBA students. The core of the presentation and Q&A centered around the dilemmas that small custom products manufacturers like Chocomize face as they grow rapidly. Key to the discussion was the fact that as Chocomize grows there is increasing pressure to produce very large orders. In the last few months Chocomize has been approached by several institutions for orders ranging from 10,000 custom chocolate bars all the way up to 50,000 bars. These large orders offer their own unique challenges to operations and the 180 Harvard MBA students the Chocomize founders met with discussed many unique solutions and insights.

The Chocomize founders were asked to come to Harvard to discuss the challenges of growing a co-creation company after HBS operations professor read about Chocomize in Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The Chocomize founders were honored to participate in discussions with so many talented MBA students at one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. HBS boasts an impressive history with graduates like Robert McNamara, Michael Bloomberg and even Jack Donaghy. The Chocomize founders look forward to continuing their academic discussions November 10th when they will be participating in Rutgers Business School’s Guest Professor Series, this time focusing on marketing strategies.



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