Chocomize Sends Bars to Barack Obama!

Today we sent two chocolate bars to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. President Obama is a fellow alumnus from Columbia University, and we thought that he might enjoy his very own Chocomize chocolate bar (honestly who wouldn’t enjoy one?)He’s been a pretty busy guy this past year, what with getting elected, trying to pass an extensive health care bill, and winning the Nobel peace prize. We decided, therefore, that he could use something to cheer him up. Nothing would be better for that then a custom chocolate bar.  It took a little research into his favorite foods, but eventually we decided on two bars that we think he’ll like.




Apparently Barack Obama loves pistachios and almonds. Lucky for him, we have both on our list of ingredients and so we made him a dark chocolate bar with almonds and pistachios.  This is a pretty standard chocolate bar that we’re sure most people would enjoy. The second chocolate bar is a little riskier. We read that Obama loves chili as well as hot and spicy foods.  In that spirit we made him a chocolate bar that’s sure to pack a punch. It’s milk chocolate with cayenne pepper and chipotles. Both of these ingredients have been extremely popular, but they definitely  are not for the faint of heart.

We also packed his very own gift certificate so he can order more chocolate bars (perhaps he wants to get Michelle a nice gift, Barack if you’re reading this we recommend dark chocolate, candied rose petals, chocolate butterfly, and gold flakes.) We also put in a hand written letter that says the following:


President Obama,

We hope you enjoy the chocolates. We heard what foods you like and tried to incorporate them in these handmade chocolate bars. Our three founders are graduates of Columbia College, your alma mater. We had a hard time finding jobs in the recession after graduation so we decided to take up the American spirit of entrepreneurship and start our own company,, the first in the United States which allows customers to create their own flavored chocolate with the ingredients of their choice. We hope you enjoy!



P.S. Congratulations on the Nobel Prize!


Keep checking back on our blog to get updated on the response from the President.


Think that you know someone famous that should get sent a Chocomize bar? Send us a message at or tell us how you feel in the comment section of this blog.

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