Chocomize T-Shirts

chocomize t-shirts

So if you’re a Chocomize fan, you’ll know that we are constantly updating and changing things on our website. It’s actually an easier job than it might seem. We just sit back and listen to what you guys say, and then we try to get it done. You could say we aren’t the creative types… So what have people been telling us lately? Give us some Chocomize t-shirts!


We did some research and we decided that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to make the t-shirts ourselves, we want to focus on making those delicious personalized chocolate bars. What we did instead was to set up a t-shirt shop at another company. All you have to do to get an awesome Chocomize t-shirt is visit We have men’s and women’s shirts and will be adding more designs pretty soon. In the meantime, show everyone how big of a fan you are by getting a Chocomize t-shirt!

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