Customer Feedback

chocomize_surveyA couple weeks ago we sent out a survey to all our fans. We had a lot of great responses and some really helpful advice. Here are some of the responses we got from you guys:

-Great idea custom chocolate at a good price!

-I was very happy with the quality of the chocolate and the ingredients. We loved the candy bar! We will be ordering more soon.

-Tried y’all out and loved my chocolate. Will be ordering some for my sis for her birthday :-)

-Loved the website, easy to order. Family loved it and it was gone in a few days. I will definately order from you again.

-LOVED the new process on gift certificates — just ordered two the other day. What a great idea — I wish you tons of success! I’m a fan!

-I think you guys are a great company! My first batch of bars i ordered came and were cracked. I wasn’t angry, it happens. But sent an email, just to let you know so it could be prevented in the future(because someone would get angry!) I got a quick response, and a gift certificate for additional bars! I was so very surprised by the customer service and generosity! And when i ordered additional bars, they were sent in a different package and were all in perfect condition. Thanks for all your great work!

-Glad I found this site, I am hoping that none of my other friends find it before Xmas because I am thinking of giving them all a Chocomize G.C.!

Thanks guys for all the great comments and the advice. We are constantly updating our website and adding ingredients based on what you guys want. So if there is something that you don’t see, and you want, we’ll make sure to get them to you! Just let us know.


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