Customer Feedback and Reviews

Here at Chocomize we love hearing your comments, suggestions, opinions, and reviews. Here are some of the responses we’ve had so far about our custom chocolate bars:

Jeremy from Florida wrote to us after receiving his order saying:

“The chocolate is great…Every parent should get this for their kids! Where was Chocomize when I was
on an all-candy diet?”

Ashley from Maryland wrote us saying:

“Just wanted to let you know I got the chocolate and I think it’s great! I will definitely be ordering some more”

Steve from New Jersey wrote:

“I can never find dark chocolate with hazelnuts … now I can! That is an awesome idea!!!”

Alex from Connecticut wrote:

“I just ate your chocolate-so good!!!!”

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about their chocolates. Keep sending us your responses and comments. We at Chocomize believe that this company is about you and what you want, so make sure you let us know.



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