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Thanks to everyone who has filled out the survey so far! We’ve had a lot of great and helpful responses. Below is some of the feedback we’ve gotten from customers, as well as some changes we plan on making based on the responses so far…keep it coming!


Comments on overall experience:

-“ Unique packaging; I like the ingredients on one side and the scoring of the bar on the other; like the size/portion of the bar; website easy to use and directions are clear”

-“Great concept and great execution of it! Love your product, your website design & the ordering process (I’m a web designer and programmer, so can appreciate good design and user interface). Keep up the good work!”

-“ Not only did I love the idea of customizing my own chocolate, but I endorsed and told everyone about the site at my holiday parties this year. I am sure to buy many bars over this year and many for our Christmas party. Thank you so much!!!”

-“ I think you guys have a great product. I think it’s especially nice that you are a local business. I’ve had a Birkenstock shoe store in Princeton for over 14 years. I like to see young entrepreneurship at it’s best. Samples along with orders wouldn’t be a bad idea either.”

-“ I was so impressed with your service. I ordered the Sat. or Sun. before Christmas and received my order on Christmas Eve. That just doesn’t happen in Hawaii! Everyone with whom I have shared the chocolate has raved about it. You offer an amazing service and a superior product. I am grateful I found you!”

-“ Just to commend you on an awesome job. Keep adding and trying out new ingredients. Keep listening to your customers. Keep up the quality packaging and the reasonable costs. Nothing negative at all about you guys – loved my experience with your website.”

-“ Honestly one of the best chocolate bars I’ve ever tasted, mainly because the Customer designs it and knows what she/he likes in terms of ingredients. You added extra bacon at my request and even noted that in the handwritten note. That shows such dedication and care for Customers.”



- “nice work – site turned out very well. my only suggestion may be to get it so when you mouse over ingredients, the pic gets bigger. i think the ingredient pictures really sell the product. also would have been good to see more pics of what finished bars look like earlier in the ordering process, i think people like to see vaguely what the finished prod will look like.”

-Thanks for the suggestion. We like to think the pictures of our ingredients look good as well so we are definitely going to make them appear larger when you click on the question mark! We also plan on putting more pictures of the actual bar on our site so you can have a better idea of how great they look.

-“ I thought at Christmas time some crushed candy cane would have been a nice option.”

-Unfortunatly we didn’t think about this until a couple days before Christmas. We have crushed peppermint on the website now and it tastes absolutely delicious! We liked it so much it was the ingredient of the week, make sure you read all about it in our past blog.

-“ I was bummed there was no “sea salt” and no “caramel” as choices but I wrote to you and VOILA! Now you have those! AWESOME!! =) I think a creamy peanut butter would ROCK in a chocolate bar… =)”

-Thanks for the suggestion of sea salt and caramel. We’ve added both to the list of the ingredients and they taste amazing. As for peanut butter, we do have peanut butter drops which taste delicious and come highly recommended.

-“ More suggestions on combinations would be helpful. For example,”if you combine the sea salt with such and such chocolate you get a nice sweet and savory taste or cayenne pepper would give you this kind of taste etc.”

-“ A list of suggested combos might be nice, there are a ton of things (that’s good) but I’m not sure what goes with what.”

-We totally agree that it can hard sometimes to choose what ingredients to put in your bar with so many great choices. We have a section called favorites which has some of our favorite combinations (guess how we came up with the name?)  Some of our ingredients are featured in our blog as the ingredient of the week and we try to have some good suggestions for combinations that go well together. Check out our past ingredients of the week to get a good idea. If you still are stumped, shoot us an e-mail or give us a call, we’d love to tell you what we think about whatever ingredient you’re thinking of.

Thanks again to everyone who has filled out the survey so far. We’ll keep you updated on responses and let you know the final results. Shoot us an e-mail at if you have any more questions!

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