Delicious Combinations of the Weekend

Labor day weekend is over and gone. Fabian spent the weekend at the beach, Nick and Eric hung out in the Chocomize home state of New Jersey. You guys came up with so me really great creations. Check out our top five favorite chocolate bar combinations of the weekend:

1. Yummy in GIA’S Tummy!!fabian tropical island bar
Milk Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Butter Toasted Peanuts
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt
Candy: Caramel Pieces
Decorations: Happy Birthday Plaque
Candy: Chocolate Candy

2. Forget the itsybitsyteenyweeny yellow polka dot bikini!! EAT THE BAR!!!
White Chocolate
Candy: Oreo Pieces
Other: Crunchy Almond Croquant
Decorations: Sprinkles
Decorations: Candle

3. White Chocolate
Herbs & Spices: Lavender
Fruits: Blueberries
Other: Graham Teddies
Fruits: Diced Lemon Peel

4. Dark Chocolate
Herbs & Spices: Lavender
Decorations: Crystallized Violet Petals

5. Cookie Dough Crunch
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Cookie Dough
Other: Mini Pretzels

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