Eat Chocolate – It Keeps You Alive


fotolia chocoheartIn the United States, cardiovascular disease has been the number 1 killer for over 100 years, but we have some heart-healthy treats to help combat this. According to a study done in Sweden, chocolate consumption decreases the likelihood of death related to heart disease. The results even suggest that it is dose-dependent, meaning that if you eat more chocolate, you are even safer. So put your healthy custom chocolate order in today!

For the healthy chocolate-eaters we suggest:


Dark Chocolate – high in antioxidants
Pecans or Walnuts – reduce cholesterol, high in protein, unsaturated fat, and antioxidants
Raisins – high in antioxidants
Raspberries or Blueberries– help preserve eyesight, high in antioxidants and vitamin C

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