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We’ve picked our fan of the month. For those of you who aren’t aware, we’ve been having a ‘fan of the month’ contest. Our customers filled out a survey we posted on our blog that had various questions about themselves. We are really glad we decided to do this, because we had no idea how awesome our fans are! People from all over the country filled out the survey and we got a ton of great responses. The only bad part about the whole thing was that we could only pick one person, but congratulations to Joanne from California. She will receive our chocolate of the month club. Members of the chocolate of the month club receive four specially designed bars at the beginning of each month.
Read more about her below:


Name: Joanne

Location: Ramona, California

What is your favorite ingredient? Sea salt (after CHOCOLATE of course)

What is your favorite chocolate bar? Milk chocolate, sea salt, toffee bits, and whole almonds.

What is your favorite blog entry? Yes. The yearbook awards are cute and clever!

Have you ever submitted any recommendations to us? Yes, I am the one who recommended sea salt a few months ago! Thanks so much for taking my advice!

Why do you think you are a Chocomize Superfan? Because I tell EVERYONE about your website, I have made suggestions for you to market them to the Bonnie Hunt Show and Ellen Degeneres Show (why would I care if you succeed if I wasn’t a HUGE fan?) and I give GIFT CERTIFICATES as birthday gifts because one, I know the recipient will love it, and two, I know they will tell others about you!

What she says:


-“Chocolate is an anti-depressant.  That can be very helpful as you start to gain

weight.   *Buh huh huh!!!!   =)”

-“ Chocolate – The only vitamin C I need.”

Thanks to everyone who sent in responses and all of our great friends out there!


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