Father's Day Facts

fathers bar 1Father’s Day is approaching (June 20th) and we realized that at Chocomize we don’t really know much about the history of this holiday. Here are some facts about Father’s Day that we bet you didn’t know:

-Even though Woodrow Wilson as far back as 1914 advocated for Father’s Day, the holiday wasn’t made official until 1972, almost 60 years after Mother’s Day was made an official holiday.

-Although more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than on Father’s Day, a greater percentage of collect calls are made on Father’s Day (a little random but what the heck.)

-The official flower of Father’s Day is the rose.

-Hallmark states that Father’s Day ranks fifth among card giving holidays.

-Over 1/3 of all cards sold on Father’s Day are comedic in nature.

-There are 67.8 million Dads in the USA.

-The first recorded celebration of Father’s Day occurred in Spokane Washington 100 years ago.

Have any other good facts about Father’s Day not listed above? Let  us know!


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