Favorite Bar Names

romance_barWe at Chocomize are all about giving people the ability to customize their own chocolate bar. We recently added a new way that people can personalize their own candy chocolate bar. In the brand new checkout system, people can create names for their chocolate that will appear on the back of the packaging! Oh and did I mention that this new feature is completely free? We didn’t think anyone could get more excited about this new addition than us, but we’ve had a lot of great response from our customers. We’ve also seen some great names. I don’t even know how many times we’ll be making chocolate when we will read one of the names of the bars and just burst into laughter. We’ve liked some of the names so much, that we decided that we would share them with you guys. The following are three of our favorite names so far. Let us know what you think.


Milk Chocolate
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Decorations: Chocolate Butterfly
Candy: Hard Peppermint Candy
Candy: White Chocolate Chips
Candy: Dark Chocolate Chips


Easter over load
Milk Chocolate
Decorations: Easter Egg
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Candy: Peanut Chocolate Candy
Decorations: Sugar Easter Bunnies


Jamaica Me Crazy!
Dark Chocolate
Fruits: Banana Chips
Fruits: Pineapple Dices
Fruits: Coconut Flakes
Nuts & Seeds: Macadamia Nuts
Candy: Toffee




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