Google Loves Us

There’s been a lot going on at Chocomize. In case you didn’t hear, we were featured on earlier today. If you haven’t checked out the story, you can read it here.

So that in itself would be pretty awesome, but people liked the story about us so much that they wanted to check out our website, and hence searched for us on Google. So many searched for us, in fact, that we ended up being one of the top searches on Google! If you check out the picture below, you’ll notice that Chocomize is number two for ‘Hot Searches’. Hot searches lists the top 40 search terms that have increased in popularity that day. Out of all the search terms in Google, Chocomize had the 2nd greatest rise in popularity! That’s a pretty good day in our book.

google trend


So to all our new fans, thanks for checking us out!


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