Halloween Trivia

candy_corn.pngHalloween is just around the corner (you can tell this is a popular holiday for us) and so we did some research to find out some Halloween trivia. Here are some fun facts about the holiday that we bet you didn’t know:

-The traditional Halloween colors are orange and black with orange representing the fall harvest and black representing death.

-an even more random fun fact, there aren’t any words in the English language that rhyme with orange.

-Jack-o-lanterns come from Ireland where people used them to ward off evil spirits.

-The tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween night comes from the Celtics who believed that evil spirits came out on Halloween and that by wearing costumes they could avoid them.

-The US candy industry sells around 2 billion dollars every year for Halloween.

-Trick or treating is supposed to have originated from the Celtics. Before their big Halloween party (they called it All Hallows Eve) they would go door to door collecting food for their big yearly feast.

-Bobbing for apples is a ritual that dates all the way back to the Roman Empire.

-The first citywide celebration of Halloween in the US took place in Anoka Minnesota in 1921.

-Around 40 million people go trick or treating every year.

-Around 10 billion pieces of candy corn will be made this year for Halloween.

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