How small is the world?

what are the odds


Yesterday I had one of those moments that are just too unlikely to be true. My parents are currently on a trip through Asia and they told me a story last night that I thought you would like to hear about. They were taking a train tour through North Vietnam and happened to be sitting next to two young guys from the UK who were taking a gap year before university to discover the world. The guys were chatting with my parents and asked if they had kids and what they were doing. The first thing my dad told them was that one of his sons started a chocolate company in the United States and told them the whole nine yards about Chocomize.

Ok, a quick rhetorical question in case you have fallen asleep already:

What are the odds that two 19 year old guys from the UK, went to a party in Los Angeles that had Chocomize party favors, only to meet my German parents on a train in Northern Vietnam? Impossible? Well, once my dad said the word Chocomize, the guys smiled and knew exactly what was going on. How could he forget the delicious custom chocolate bars at the Academy Awards party in L.A? Well, I guess the world really is small sometimes.

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