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Over the past month we’ve been getting a lot of requests and suggestions for ingredients that we should add to our website. We wish that we could add all of them but unfortunately that would be almost impossible (there have just been too many.) Here are six of the most requested ingredients in the past month. We can’t decide on which ones too add, so we’re going to let you guys do it for us. Vote in the comments section for your favorite ingredient, and recommend some to add to the list. We’ll add four more to this list and then the top three most popular will be added to our website!


puffed rice

black liquoriceBlack Licorice: This delicious candy is made from the extract of the licorice root. It’s extremely delicious on its own, but tastes even better in a custom chocolate bar.


Puffed Rice: Puffed rice is exactly what it sounds like…puffed rice. It’s pretty popular in a lot cereals and adds a great texture to your personalized chocolate bar.

kit katKit Kat: This popular candy bar consists of a wafer covered in chocolate. We would break the bar up into parts and place it throughout your Chocomize bar.220px-swedishfish


Swedish Fish: Swedish fish were actually invented by a Finish company but have been marketed in the US by a Swedish company. It’s kind of confusing to us, but either way it would be awesome for you chocolate candy bar.

junior mints


Junior Mints: Junior mints are a popular candy that has a mint filling surrounded by dark chocolate. Here’s a fun fact: over 15 million are produced each day (a little more than the amount of Chocomize made each day…)

cookie dough bits

Cookie Dough: This is a popular addition for ice cream and would be a great ingredient for your chocolate bar. We would use cookie dough bites, the popular candy usually sold in movie theatres.

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